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Do You Raid?



  • Murdock.6547Murdock.6547 Member ✭✭✭
    No, tried it but didn't work out.

    The community in this game is absurd, honestly.
    It's not that raiders are hyper-elitist or "casuals are ruining muh raids"
    it's more the fact that anyone can raid, but nobody knows how to be a true raider.

    There is no effort made to look up fights, research classes thoroughly, no need to improve or push limits.

    The resources are there, but honestly most people just know "play ele for dps, chrono for tank, druid for healer."
    Some may even know vaguely 'why'. "Chrono provides most buffs." "Druid adds most dps"

    But nobody.. NOBODY quantifies anything. Nobody gives numerical values whenever they are asked "but how much is added"
    "What do we gain or lose by taking this instead?"
    "What if we did this instead?"

    It's infuriating because guild wars 2 is a game that is BUILT off of theorycrafting and experimentation. It's a game where you can take a dot mage and turn that idea on its head; making them a a melee bruiser, an aoe support mage, an odd healer and a few odd other experimental things you could surely kitten if you tried hard enough. Granted it's not all "optimal"
    And this is where I get even more infuriated...

    ... Guild wars 2 does not ever need to be optimal...
    Not a single encounter can't be beat by simply auto attacking with your buffs on and doing mechanics properly. Dps checks outside of CM are as low as 30k.
    30k!! A single NECROMANCER can meet that! (this excludes mechanics, however.)
    VG, including all invuln periods and the split phases has a check of 53k. Gorse no updraft is I think about 100-120k? I stopped doing the math because honestly it got depressing.

    It's all just so depressing to sit and do math for hours to justify a new, more flexible, or more entertaining/ easier to perform team comp... and then have it shut down without any reasoning other than "it's not chrono/druid/ele". Nobody thinks, and that's where my frustration with this game came from. Nobody wants to think or learn.. they just want either the rewards or the recognition that comes from raiding. But there is no recognition because again:
    Anyone can raid. ANYONE. And it's easy.. Unless you set a world first or break a speedclear record..? Nobody cares that you cleared dhuum with your group. Nobody gives a kitten that you did a meta run of KC. Nobody cares that you can raid in this game.

    Sorry I dragged on, but it's why I left for a bit. I came back and vowed to go back to what I love; and that's the experimenting and theorycrafting that this game enables and even rewards!

  • ErikTheTyrant.4527ErikTheTyrant.4527 Member ✭✭✭
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    No, tried it but didn't work out.

    I just wanted to fight Dhuum and get a shot at his gear, but after realizing how much is needed to go into raiding, I decided it isn't worth it. I play this game for the fun of it, not needing to calculate and time everything I do.

  • LinhZeri.6412LinhZeri.6412 Member ✭✭
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    No, not interested.

    Many things wrong with Raids and I would love to do them..... however these factors prevent me from bothering.
    -Too long to complete and heavy time investment. Terrible direction to take PvE content and should shift to the Large Dungeon style for raids (you enter you dedicate a minimal 1-2 hours or so in there to enjoy the game) The best example I can think of is how dungeons where made in original guild wars Heart of the North.. which I basically called "Large Dungeons". Heck another example is the Flame and Frost limited time dungeon came out with "Molten Facility" was awesome amount of time and you got to do the dungeon run experience. THAT is a perfect example of how this Raid content should be. (however a bit more difficult of course)

    -Requires you to be a masochist which im definitely not in a game that's for sure. Im sure many can agree with this one. no one wants to continually fail and than have your team silently get annoyed if you don't pick up on right away.

    -Restricted heavily on build of your character. (I Understand having a good build to use.. that's 100% acceptable... but having exact gear to match a meta set up copy and pasted on a site is outrageous. This goes for all game modes but its WAY more in the raid setting. (talking obviously pugging but Gw2 was originally pug friendly.)

    -Finding a team that will actually take you (don't got a raid group to rely on).

    -Timers to complete: This creates the toxicity we see in raids. Why are these bosses timed like they are? Why must you do something in a time frame to set the standard of DPSSSS. I remember seeing the original advertising for raids and they made it sound so different than the result we got now.. which is basically DPS check or gtfo (so fun /sarcasm). I know some do "training" but it isn't common. Why the heck would a training game be made for content.. never understood that for this current raid content which i see is like WoW (never played it).. Why even copy that model? Guild wars 2 was supposed to be a unique game instead has been transformed into what we got now.

    I know this is all my opinion but that's the major reason I don't even bother with this. With the toxicity very common if you don't know something or the sheer fact of the very mechanical boring practice to even kill one boss (think you should be able to figure out how to kill the boss when you see it the first 20 minutes) I know this wont matter since anet doesn't see it. so -shrug-

    One thing with Raiding is I love the lore as I was a GW player... and I can never experience it because of all these negative things.. mean i cant even think of a positive to even do a raid other than the cool skins (which i don't even need at all)

    Fractals is another story..... I don't even find those encounters fun.. i played all the original ones and every time i ran it we just skip everything and do the same kitten stuff they got very boring after a while... They also got a toxic community at higher lvls but yah this about Raiding as id want raiding to be the "end game dungeons" and not a long elitist too difficult to invest in content i got no idea why Anet is putting so much work on its very odd when most of your community isn't even playing stuff being made.

  • ardhikaizecson.3697ardhikaizecson.3697 Member ✭✭
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    Yes, regularly.

    I have static but they are rather picky in term of which bosses they wanted to kill, so I pugged half of raid boss and got 250+ LI now, started around august 2016 and took a break for a year without raid. I got half of my LIs from pug and most of them are friendly, only found toxic people once or twice during that time.

  • No, not interested.

    DPS checks on AI creeps. Not an exciting challange for me. If anything challanges me in pve it is more like speed running stuff and showing off skill by speed+ skill usage. hitting a boss for several minutes felt never engaging for me.

  • @Vermillion.4061 said:
    I'd rather not deal with how toxic some raiders can be so the answer is no.

    I meet toxic people regularly on dungeon, fractal and raid. But raid is little more than others.
    Heck, even on lion arc asking for help about some open game stuff, I have met few toxic people.

    Btw, I have been pugging raids 99% of time.

  • Buran.3796Buran.3796 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, not interested.


    When raids were implemented the guild in which I was (for ~3,5 years until imploded at the beginning of 2017) we were a WvW oriented clan, so initially not much attention was given. Then we started to do some raids but very soon problems arised:

    • Poor rewards
    • Very time-consuming
    • Once some of our 30-40 crew members already beat a content of the week for their personal goals there were no reason to help another players to do the same repetitive task, so the more versed players soon leaved the rookies to do their work on their own

      Personally became aware that the thing won't work on a guild oriented towards WvW which raided in the battelfields 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours a day (with the most harcore playes literaly living in WvW most of the time). So I put very little effort into learning the mechanics.

      Later the WvW and PvP legendary armor were implemented so to me playing PvE raids just stopped making any sense.

  • Ohoni.6057Ohoni.6057 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, tried it but didn't work out.

    I just noticed this thread (which is worth noting that people unlikely to raid are also unlikely to be on the raid forum in the first place), but my basic experience is I tried the first two bosses of the first wing a few times, with both new and experienced players, it never really worked out, and I got tired of bothering. I am never going to be a "wipe until you make it" type of player, I'm more of a "beat it, then beat it better, then beat it even better" sort of player. I like to improve, but my floor level for improvement is "success. "