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[LF] [NA] [PVE] / Social Guild (Anvil Rock)

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I've been playing for about a month and recently picked up HoT and PoF, and I'm noticing the events in Maguuma and the Sands are pretty hard to run solo - besides which, people in this game seem pretty friendly ;) So I'm hoping to find a group of mixed to casual types who like to hang out and party PVE stuff. I do have a friend or two who may also want to join with the same casual fun agenda - and small guilds are fine (I've seen ads for guilds of like 300 people which I'm finding a bit terrifying, not to say I wouldn't think about checking one out if it isn't hardcore 'git gud' kinda people).

Don't mind swearing, I like people who can speak English (by which I mean not using chat speak when you're trying to have a real conversation - obviously a thx/ty/np/lol thrown in is just normal) I like talking politics if you can handle people disagreeing with you, and I'm really not interested in a bunch of teen drama so I'm hoping for mature guildmates.

TL;DR: Like PVE. Hate PVP. ?? WvW. Don't want to get kicked if I can't be super active every single day. Ideally guild of mature players.

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