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[LF][NA][PVX]New player looking for a casual guild

Hey guys,

I'm a new player to GW2 an am taking my time leveling to enjoy the game for what it's got. That said I would like to find a guild before I get to max level, and am looking to see whats around. I'm looking for something that caters to a more casual croud, as there's no guarantee I'll play even in a given week. My wife would also want to join and she is even more casual of a player than I am. Community is something that's important to me - I want a guild I look forward to logging in to, even if it's just talking for an hour, and not doing much of anything. That said, I come from a background of MMO's and loved raiding in WoW, and having all sorts of null-sec fun in EVE. Hopefully theres some guilds like that out there that just want to relax and enjoy the game.


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    I am Squeeks, recruitment officer for Remnants of Hope.

    We are a multi game community that has been around since 2009 with a huge focus on community.
    We have daily events in all areas of the same (PVE, PVP, RP)

    You can find out official recruitment post ->Here<-

    We do have an application and trial process, its not as scary as it might sound its just how we make sure you will be a right fit for our guild. We do not have any play time requirements, play when you want, how you want.

    I hope you will check us out!

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    Come join us at Sand Sharks. We are working to make an enjoyable guild with a friendly and helpful core group of players. I myself am also a WoW refugee. ;)

  • check out [NUDE] we accept just about anyone as long as you dont mind weird conversations and "mild" profanity
    i myself am a pretty big casual so i know we love casuals
    check us out: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/815/cd-na-sixty-nine-shades-of-nude/p1

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