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Recruiting for Blood Brothers Gaming (PVP and WvW) oriented

Starting back a small guild that has been around for a long time.
We are situated in Fort Aspenwood, but we can take players from any servers.
Currently, we do play a lot of WvW in either the large zergs but more preferably smaller squads.
We also are starting to become a presence on the PVP side as well.
If there is want to run dungeons and raids, we will be willing to learn.
We are willing to take anyone and can join our discord server upon joining.
We are going to be active.
You can message me at Cobrazzz.8065 or discord Cobrazzz#2325.

PS. Remember this is a small guild. We are looking to earn lots of loot and legendary items, but have a good time and make friends (The whole point of MMOs).

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