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[TC: Tarnished Coast] PvX - Vanquish

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Established on the Tarnished Coast server, Vanquish is home to a luxuriously diverse group of people from all walks of life.
Vanquish is an international guild that values its relationships within the guild and community. We strive to provide our members with a well-driven and unbiased experience in all realms of Guild Wars 2.

  • Website: http://www.vanqguild.com
  • Home World: Tarnished Coast
  • Recruitment Status: Open by application (new and seasoned players equally welcome)
  • Guild Primary Timezone: North American and European
  • Guild Type: Relaxed, inclusive, close-knit and well driven
  • Guild Focus: Predominantly PvE – Fractals of the Mists, dungeons, open-world PvE including map meta-events.
  • Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older (most members are 30+)
  • Rep. Requirement: ~100% (The “loose” 100% is outlined in our code) – day to day cohesion is important to our foundation.
  • VOIP: Discord (only required at times to be able to listen on certain events)
  • Contacts: Weskay.9217, Curtegg.5216, Willy.3285 (NA), Frans.7930 or Helle.8754 (EU)

What To Expect:
While Vanquish has an open-ended focus, our members are predominantly focused in the PvE realms with heavy interests in Fractals as well as open-world PvE including world bosses and meta-events. Expect fair, casual-competitive group content not just for PvE but also during the times we set foot in WvW and PvP (emphasis on fair). Above all, expect lasting friendships that will travel to old and new realms for years to come.

  • We are a medium sized guild with the intention of quality over quantity.
  • We are not a meta-based guild. With emphasis on fair, you will not be forced to run specific builds. (Most members do not run meta and we encourage members to branch out of such.)
  • Guild Missions hosted twice a week. One hosted at Vanquish and one hosted by our close friends and alliance guild.
  • We have a wide range of players in our guild from different races, ethnicity, sexuality, age, class, and gender. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

Does Vanquish sound like a suitable fit for you? Visit us at our website and apply! We’ll get you in our roster shortly thereafter if there are no obstacles.*



  • Vanquish now made it to the new GW2 Forum!


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    It's been a few weeks since the release of Path of Fire and we've all been enjoying it! Vanquish has captured its new guild hall - Windswept Haven!

    If you're still looking for an exciting guild to join to experience the new content, weekly guild missions, casual raid training, Fractals, world bosses, and much more, look no further! (Emphasis on casual raid training as we're very much a flexible, bring-your-own-build kind of guild so we want the expectation to be that we're not an elite/clear-everything raiding guild)

    Please read our Guild Information section on the forums for more information. Visit the "Recruitment" section on our website to join!

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    Just a brief bump from us at Vanquish. Recruitment is found at our website: https://vanquishing.enjin.com

    t's Holler...Hollow... It's Candy Day! Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Halloween has come and gone, bring on Wintersday in December! Hope everyone had an exceptional Halloween this year!

    Check out our original post for a brief run down on what Vanquish is all about. Refer to our website for additional information and recruitment. :)

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    Our doors are always open for like-minded individuals seeking a home.

    We're anxiously awaiting Living Story season four. Hope to see you all in Tyria soon!

  • Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

    Be sure to check us out if you're seeking a casual yet close-knit bunch of misfits to join up with.

  • Wintersday tomorrow, hyped!!!

  • Looking to spend some time in-game and looking for a guild to enjoy the Holidays with.

    • Then check out Vanquish.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Happy New Years!

    Vanquish is happy to extend its home to other Tyrians both novice and veteran! Most of our basic information is posted in the original post. More information can be found in our Guild Information section on our website.

    We are primarily an open-world and Fractal interested guild but we do like to dabble our toes in almost everything.

    Check us out! Recruitment on our website :)

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    Another year gone and a new one to come.

    2018 is here and there for Winter'sday is gone. But Cantha will be here soon, so join us in Vanquish for a sparkling and glowing New Year.

    Check further above for information about Vanquish and what we have to offer you.

  • Hope your 2018 has been kind to you so far! What are your New Year's resolutions? Have you kept them? Have you been naughty and broken them? ;)

    Vanquish is a laid back guild the puts an emphasis on the friendships within the guild. All relevant information is posted on our main post and on our Guild Information section on the website.

    Check out our website and click "Recruitment" to join :D

  • Anyone lucky enough to have dodged the dreaded winter cold/flu? I envy you if so!

    We're off to the races and starting another week of guild missions. Feel free to join us as a guest every Sunday for missions at 11:30am PST. Join us for realsies by visiting our website and clicking on "Recruitment".

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    Meh, would be interested, but the TS3 part puts me down.. I am a discord user, gl tho, looks like a v solid guild!

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    @I Heal Ur Wounds.8165 said:
    Meh, would be interested, but the TS3 part puts me down.. I am a discord user, gl tho, looks like a v solid guild!

    I certainly don't hope you turn us down just because of TS : ) - it might not be long until a swap will happen as well.
    Anyway good luck out ther

  • Happy Lunar New Year, everyone :)

    We're still kickin' it strong in the land of Tyria! We have a solid community of close-knit friends that have traveled to other lands as well. If you're looking for a new "digital family" to travel to Tyria and lands beyond with, look no further.

    Visit our webpage for recruitment!

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    Join up with Vanquish for the New Living World Episode that is due March 6, see you there!

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    Hello Tyrians! Just a brief bump from us at Vanquish!

    If you're still looking for a casual yet family/homey-feeling guild come check us out! We've been delving into the new map quite a bit and still doing our usual mischief and shenanigans. Look out for us on Sunday afternoons for guild missions!

    Recruitment is available on our website. Feel free to give us a shout if you wish to join us for Guild Missions on Sundays as a guest too :)

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    bumping up
    Feel free to visit our website and submit an application, if Vanquish caught your attention.

    See you in Tyria!

  • weskay.9217weskay.9217 Member ✭✭

    Another bump from us :)

    Lots of information on our original posting. More information in the Guild Information section of our forums to help answer any additional questions.

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    Just some info for my fellow EU/SEA players out there.

    Do be aware that the active EU/SEA-players we have, are located on a North American server (mostly Tarnished Coast), and YOU will have to be on a North American server as well. If you are not on a North American server, the only thing we will be able to share is the ability to communicate in Guild Chat - doing social content, is NOT an option.

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    If Vanquish sounds like a fit for you, then submit an application and we will get you right in.
    See you in Tyria.

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    Another bump here from us.
    Check out our original post to see if you can see yourself with us.

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    From Monday, 7th May - Vanquish will be swapping to Discord.
    So join us for some fun as we adventure Tyria.

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    Take a look at our website and see if Vanquish got your values, if so... Vanquish might be the guild for you.

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    Just a brief bump from Vanquish

  • weskay.9217weskay.9217 Member ✭✭

    Thanks for keeping the post updated <3
    Hello fellow Tyrians! We're a fairly international guild looking for link-minded, casual yet sociable people that enjoy getting into random mischief in the world.
    Feel free to check us! Recruitment available on website. See you soon!

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    The Summer Holidays are coming closer. If you wanna spend some of your time with us in Guild Wars 2, then check us out.

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    Looking for a new guild? Then feel free to visit our website and submit an application, if Vanquish caught your attention.

    See you in Guild Wars 2!

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    If you like to do Tequatl, World Boss runs, Fractals, Guild Missions, WvW-shenanigans. Then Vanquish could be a great fit for you.
    We do Teq at reset, followed by visiting home instance for good loot and then help each other with PvE, PvP, WvW dailies. Besides that you will be able to find your guildies doing Fractals, low as high scales, various times, doing mapclears of Tyria, HoT, PoF, LS maps. A request is only one shout away in the GuildChat.

    You are welcome to contact us in-game for more information if needed.

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    We are doing Guild Missions tonight/today at 18:30 server time, if you wanna tag along as a guest and get to know us, feel free to whisper one of us in-game before we start. The single WvW Guild Mission will be hosted on Tarnished Coast. But PvE will be for all that are located on a NA-server.

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    Sunday yet again.
    Get a guest-invite and join us tonight for Guild Missions, if you/we feel like the vibe is there, then of course you will be welcome to stay around with us.

    Feel free to whisper any of us in-game for further questions.

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    Curious about Vanquish? If we might be the right fit for you? Then check out our website to see our values or type one of us in-game to see if the guild will be a good fit for you.
    See you in Tyria.

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    Once a again if you feel like joining us for Guild Missions today at 18:30 server-time, then give us a whisper : )

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    Once again, check us out, if you feel like Vanquish could be a good fit for you.

    See you in Tyria.

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    If Vanquish sounds like a guild you would enjoy being a part of, then don't hesitate filling an application on our website.

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    If you are into Open World Content, Meta Events, World Boss', Dungeons, Fractals, Living Story etc and Achivement hunting. Vanquish could be the guild for you, check us out and feel free to submit and application if you think we could be your guild.

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    vanq is a really friendly guild if u r into pve stuffs, vanq is even more friendly than spud imo
    however if u r into wvw and would like to join other guilds zerg, u better stay away from vanq.

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    Thanks for the compliment, Shadow! I'm extremely humbled by the diverse group of individuals we have in Vanquish. For better clarification, we will delve into some WvW content at times through scheduled events and with our single WvW mission that we generally try to knock out during our guild missions day. Our interest and/or focus level as a united guild is not very high so anyone with a heavy WvW focus may find a WvW guild more suitable for them.

    For a little more insight on what Vanquish is active in, as Helle mentioned above, we are primarily active in Fractals, open-world PvE, world bosses, meta events, character & account progression, story progression, and dungeons.

    Hope everyone is having a stellar Taco Tuesday! ;)

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    Brief bump from us at Vanquish. It's a beautiful Tuesday here, how about you?
    Interested in Vanquish? Come check us out! Visit our website for more information and recruitment. :)

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    Come join us for Guild Missions today at 18:30/06:30 PM Server-time. Whisper one of the contacts for an invite : )

  • weskay.9217weskay.9217 Member ✭✭

    Festival of the Four Winds! We've been waiting four years for it! Come play with us!

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    Vanquish is still strong and going. Check our original post for more information.

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    Looking for some people to have fun with? Then check us out, to see if we sound like a good match for you.

  • Join us for Guild Missions at 11:30a PT, Sunday! Come as a guest or join us as a full fledged member. Recruitment available on our website.

  • Even though the Summer-Holidays are over, then you are always welcome to check out Vanquish and see if we got something to offer you.

  • Guild Missions will be done tonight by Vanquish at 18:30 UTC Server time. So whisper one of us to tag along before we start and check us out.

  • Excited for the new Living Story Episode? - So are we here at Vanquish.
    If you feel like joining in for the fun of it, then check out our recruitment post.

  • Living Story Season 4 new episode out tomorrow.
    We are all hyped at Vanquish to see what it will be like.

  • Feel free to check out our first post to see if Vanquish, could be a fit for you.

  • Who's playing the newest episode? How do you like it? Have you gotten the fox yet? ;)
    See our original post and website for guild details to see if we're a right fit for you!

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