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[TC: Tarnished Coast] PvX - Vanquish



  • Applied. Would love to join :)

  • And so you can. You just need to whisper one of us in-game.

    • Your application have been approved.
      Welcome aboard.
  • The new Living Story Episode is upon us. Come and join for the fun of it, get a hold on one of us, if you have any questions regarding joining Vanquish.

  • Looking for a home? And Vanquish sounds like the place for you?

    • Fill an application on our website and we will see you soon.
  • Halloween Hype-train tomorrow with patch.

    Anyone else excited for this lovely holiday to return

  • Join us at Vanquish for some Halloween shenanigans.

    Happy Halloween.

  • Last week of Halloween now, would you like to spend it with us?

    • Check out our original post and see if you would be a good match.
  • If you are looking for a guild to do Fractals with? Like to do World Bosses? And just love the PvE-part of Guild Wars?
    At Vanquish we do daily Fractals, along with World Bosses and enjoy doing World Open Content in general.
    If you have a similar interests, check out our website and recruitment post. Maybe Vanquish is something for you.

  • Vanquish is still going strong.

    Feel free to submit an application, if you think Vanquish could be the guild for you.

  • If you are looking for a new guild and Vanquish sounds like a fit for you, then feel free to fill out an application and we will give some feedback to see if we will be a good match : )

  • Holidays coming soon, need some guildies to celebrate it with in the game...
    Then visit our website and submit an application : )

  • We are doing Guild Missions tonight at 19:30 (server time), feel free to PM one of us for a guest invite to join us.

  • Feel free to submit an application, through our website. If Vanquish sounds like the guild for you.

  • December is upon us, need a guild to spend the holidays with?

    • Check out Vanquish then
  • We are doing Guild Missions tonight at 19:30/07:30 P.M (server time).
    Whisper one of us for a guest invite to join.

  • Wintersday have arrived with all the festival activities and some new as well.
    Check out our original post to see if Vanquish could be the right fit for you.

  • A little Merry Christmas bump from Vanquish : )

  • Merry Christmas out there!

  • Happy New Year!

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    We are doing Guild Missions tonight at 19:30 UTC Servertime. If you wish to join as a guest, feel free to give us a whisper a few mins before.

  • New Living Story episode is out, come join the fun with us.

  • Yet again are we doing Guild Missions tonight at 19:30 UTC aka Servertime. Make sure to whisper ahead, if you want to receive a guest invite for Missions.

  • As always, thanks for keeping this bumped, Helle! <3

  • Lunar New Year have arrived. - Time to let out your inner Gambler.

  • Check out our original recruitment post at the very top, to see if we could fit your needs.

  • Time to enjoy the very last part of Lunar New Year - in a few hours it will all be gone.

  • Soon we will be getting a mount for WvW purpose. Hype, hype, hype.

  • So another week until we get to try the new WvW-mount out. hype, hype, hype

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    Today at patch time, we will be able to gain access to the new mount in WvW. Gonna be interesting to check it out.
    I assume a few of Vanquish people are going in, if not even a lot. See you there!

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    Check out our original post at this thread, to see if Vanquish is something for you.
    And don't forget to check the Gemstore everyday for some good sale offers.

  • Helle.8754Helle.8754 Member ✭✭

    As always Vanquish is open to people that are seeking a friendly family guild, that people can call for their home. In return we would love open-minded people that can think/play outside the box, so whatever you are playing, how long you have been playing, does not matter. As long as you are a friendly individual and hopefully we can match your needs for a guild.
    Feel free to submit an application and we will be in touch : )

  • weskay.9217weskay.9217 Member ✭✭

    Bumpity bump bump bump! We hope to see you make the jump to Vanquish!

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