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Level 80 boost advice for a PvE character needed.

About the only PvE I have ever done in this game is running around do World Boss events. Most of my time spent in game was 80% WvW and the other 20% messing around in battlegrounds, or whatever they are called here. About the only PvE I did was a handful of runs in Citadel of Flame and I havent dont a Fractal besidesthe very first one. I think the main reason was being used to holy trinity MMOs where you had a real Healer to keep you alive and I was scared I was gonna die and look bad.

However, I feel like Im missing out a lot of the game so thinking about using my lvl 80 boost on something just for Fractals and Raids. Been mulling over builds at Metabattle and qtfy but still cant decide. Doesnt really help much when you have literally zero idea how PvE works in this game besides dodge red circles. Right now I only have two 80s. A Necro, which seems to be in a bad place for Fractals and Raids. I also have a Guardian, who was built for Frontline support in WvW zergs so my gear is Clerics. Proly not the best choice for PvE and I only have like 5 gold to my name. Currently leveling a Revenant, and although its fun they seem to be another bad choice for PvE, much like my Necro. So just wondering whats a good entry level class to get started doing PvE thats so easy that as long as I dodge red circles I cant possibly screw up?


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    A subjective question which in the end, it is you to decide. A matter of preference tbh, do you enjoy the class & how its played according to its build. Sorry for the vague answer. My advice is play around, use the boost to try out different classes (trait power/condi) as long as its not consumed permanently (the item will ask for your confirmation don't worry).

    Heavy armor classes helps alittle in survival but nothing is foolproof (The highest law in game : Your character dies when its health drops to 0, unless stated otherwise). Firebrand(guardian) and renegade(rev) is viable if you have PoF and I do find playing Soulbeast enjoyable. I'll leave thieves and holosmith out for others to comment.(I rarely play these two classes since they act as my bank lol)

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    In my experience, the probably most forgiving class is necro. No other class comes close to their passive survivability. They (especially reapers) can stand in kitten that would kill other classes three times. For fractals, a necro is perfectly fine for normal groups unless you want to start speedrunning right away, though for raids they are often sub-optimal (which does not mean "atrociously bad").

    If you are good at dodging (not just red circles, but animations), daredevil might also be a good candidate since they have almost endless evades. However, missing a dodge will hurt a lot.

    Oh, and totally unrelated to the PvE question: if you ever want to level a mesmer, think about saving the 80-boost for that one. I don't think there's any class that's more painful while leveling.

    Praise delta!

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    Faceroll easy and versatile is the Ranger. Also pretty safe to play. If you want to play more risky and thief like, go Soulbeast with dagger melee and merge with your pet. I love it. And if it's really needed reroll as Druid to go as healer.

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    I would also say Ranger. It has been my PvE workhorse, because you can fit it to close any group without problems. I mostly play in Druid specs. It's versatile and has good survivability, depending bit on gears and build, of course.

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    Necro is great for having a simply massive effective health pool with life force that will carry you through almost any danger with little skill required. I've seen necros solo things that I would not have thought even possible by effectively managing their never-ending health pools.

    On the other end of the spectrum, if you have twitchy enough reactions to avoid enemy skills based on their animations and tells, then daredevil is great with its near infinite dodges. Additionally if you're not worried about minmaxing your dps to speedrun raids or T4 fractals, then you can get some very respectable survivability on thief. Swapping in marauder gear (+50% hp, -10% dps), and/or using invigorating precision trait (heal for 15% of all outgoing crit damage, -250 ferocity) makes life incredibly comfortable for daredevil. Plus the dps rotation is easy as cake.

    Ranger is a good versatile class that you can't really go wrong with. They have a solid selection of weapons to pick from, and can fit multiple roles. There's huge power burst damage, strong sustained condi with soulbeast, healing and group support via druid. Plus in open world you have a pet and long range weapons to help keep you alive.

    I think it's also worth considering that while Condi builds generally have higher dps benchmarks and thus are more "meta", power builds aren't that far behind. And more importantly, as a first "pve" character, power is significantly easier to gear for. As a core stat, berserker gear is available on the trading post for relatively cheap, and also obtainable from the easy ascended sources (laurel vendor, fractals, etc.). On the other hand condi uses viper's stats, which isn't available for purchase or on standard ascended pieces, making it much harder and more expensive to effectively gear a condi build.

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