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Bringer's and Giver's weapons - crafting bugs

Heya, I've been taking a look at the bringer's and giver's weapons that we are able to craft as of the Wintersday 2017 updates. There are quite a few instances where the item names, and in some cases item skins, are inconsistent with other recipes using similar inscriptions.

From the API,,38321

  • The Giver's prefix is Major Toughness, Minor Healing, Minor Expertise.
  • The Bringer's prefix is Major Expertise, Minor Precision, Minor Vitality.

Inscriptions (item name change only)

Two parts here:

  • The lower tier inscriptions (Green, Iron Plated, Darksteel) weren't renamed from Giver's to Bringer's despite producing weapons with the Expertise stat.
  • There are dashes in some of the names of the giver's and bringer's weapons. I would suggest removing these dashes to be consistent with the other 100+ inscriptions that don't contain dashes.
Item id Current item name Suggested replacement item name
38429 Giver's Green Inscription Bringer's Green Inscription
38430 Giver's Iron-Plated Inscription Bringer's Iron Plated Inscription
38431 Giver's Steel-Plated Inscription Bringer's Steel Plated Inscription
38433 Giver's Darksteel Imbued Inscription Bringer's Darksteel Imbued Inscription
38432 Giver's Mithril Imbued Inscription Bringer's Mithril Imbued Inscription
38434 Bringer's Orichalcum-Imbued Inscription Bringer's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription
86685 Giver's Orichalcum-Imbued Inscription Giver's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription

Weapons (item name change and skin change)

Currently there are recipes where you feed in materials such as "Seasoned Focus Casing" and they return items with the previous tier's skin and name such as "Soft Wood ___". This applies to all 16 of the Steel tier Giver's weapons, 3 Darksteel tier Bringer's weapons, and 3 Mithril tier Bringer's weapons.

Output item ID Output item name Should be renamed to AND reskinned accordingly
38407 Giver's Soft Wood Focus Bringer's Seasoned Wood Focus
38413 Giver's Soft Wood Scepter Bringer's Seasoned Wood Scepter
38419 Giver's Soft Wood Staff Bringer's Seasoned Wood Staff
38425 Giver's Soft Wood Trident Bringer's Seasoned Wood Trident
38389 Giver's Soft Wood Harpoon Gun Bringer's Seasoned Wood Harpoon Gun
38365 Giver's Soft Wood Longbow Bringer's Seasoned Wood Longbow
38371 Giver's Iron Pistol Bringer's Steel Pistol
38377 Giver's Iron Rifle Bringer's Steel Rifle
38383 Giver's Soft Wood Short Bow Bringer's Seasoned Wood Short Bow
38395 Giver's Soft Wood Torch Bringer's Seasoned Wood Torch
38401 Giver's Soft Wood Warhorn Bringer's Seasoned Wood Warhorn
38316 Giver's Iron Axe Bringer's Steel Axe
38353 Giver's Iron Dagger Bringer's Steel Dagger
38348 Giver's Iron Greatsword Bringer's Steel Greatsword
38343 Giver's Iron Hammer Bringer's Steel Hammer
38338 Giver's Iron Mace Bringer's Steel Mace
38333 Giver's Iron Shield Bringer's Steel Shield
38328 Giver's Iron Spear Bringer's Steel Spear
38323 Giver's Iron Sword Bringer's Steel Sword
38347 Bringer's Darksteel Greatsword Bringer's Ogre Longsword
38342 Bringer's Darksteel Hammer Bringer's Ogre Hammer
38337 Bringer's Darksteel Mace Bringer's Ogre Mace
38346 Bringer's Mithril Greatsword Bringer's Krait Slayer
38341 Bringer's Mithril Hammer Bringer's Krait Warhammer
38336 Bringer's Mithril Mace Bringer's Krait Morning Star

Weapons (name change only)

These would reflect the updated inscription name. Their skins are already correct. These changes would apply to the Bronze and Iron tier weapons.

Output item ID Output item name Should be renamed to
38405 Giver's Green Wood Focus Bringer's Green Wood Focus
38411 Giver's Green Wood Scepter Bringer's Green Wood Scepter
38417 Giver's Green Wood Staff Bringer's Green Wood Staff
38423 Giver's Green Wood Trident Bringer's Green Wood Trident
38387 Giver's Green Wood Harpoon Gun Bringer's Green Wood Harpoon Gun
38363 Giver's Green Wood Longbow Bringer's Green Wood Longbow
38369 Giver's Bronze Pistol Bringer's Bronze Pistol
38375 Giver's Bronze Rifle Bringer's Bronze Rifle
38381 Giver's Green Wood Short Bow Bringer's Green Wood Short Bow
38393 Giver's Green Wood Torch Bringer's Green Wood Torch
38399 Giver's Green Wood Warhorn Bringer's Green Wood Warhorn
38355 Giver's Bronze Axe Bringer's Bronze Axe
38356 Giver's Bronze Dagger Bringer's Bronze Dagger
38357 Giver's Bronze Greatsword Bringer's Bronze Greatsword
38358 Giver's Bronze Hammer Bringer's Bronze Hammer
38359 Giver's Bronze Mace Bringer's Bronze Mace
38360 Giver's Bronze Shield Bringer's Bronze Shield
38362 Giver's Bronze Spear Bringer's Bronze Spear
38361 Giver's Bronze Sword Bringer's Bronze Sword
38406 Giver's Soft Wood Focus Bringer's Soft Wood Focus
38412 Giver's Soft Wood Scepter Bringer's Soft Wood Scepter
38418 Giver's Soft Wood Staff Bringer's Soft Wood Staff
38424 Giver's Soft Wood Trident Bringer's Soft Wood Trident
38388 Giver's Soft Wood Harpoon Gun Bringer's Soft Wood Harpoon Gun
38364 Giver's Soft Wood Longbow Bringer's Soft Wood Longbow
38370 Giver's Iron Pistol Bringer's Iron Pistol
38376 Giver's Iron Rifle Bringer's Iron Rifle
38382 Giver's Soft Wood Short Bow Bringer's Soft Wood Short Bow
38394 Giver's Soft Wood Torch Bringer's Soft Wood Torch
38400 Giver's Soft Wood Warhorn Bringer's Soft Wood Warhorn
38315 Giver's Iron Axe Bringer's Iron Axe
38354 Giver's Iron Dagger Bringer's Iron Dagger
38349 Giver's Iron Greatsword Bringer's Iron Greatsword
38344 Giver's Iron Hammer Bringer's Iron Hammer
38339 Giver's Bandit Mallet Bringer's Bandit Mallet
38334 Giver's Iron Shield Bringer's Iron Shield
38329 Giver's Iron Spear Bringer's Iron Spear
38324 Giver's Iron Sword Bringer's Iron Sword

The above would address the "bugs" as I see them. This has been discussed way too much on the wiki and I'd love if the game could be fixed instead lol.