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Should I sell The Lover (precursor) or The Dreamer (legendary)?

I already have The Dreamer, but I made it years ago when precursor crafting was just a rumour. I really enjoyed the precursor collection for The Bifrost and now I'd like to do the one for The Dreamer so I can feel like I've done the whole process. But that will leave me with a precursor I don't need.

My understanding is that you typically lose gold selling crafted precursors, but adding up the cost of the various collection items using the Wikis 'show base ingredients' query (yes I went through all of the Tier 2 collection) seems to imply I'd just about break even, if I listed it for sale rather than selling to the highest bidder (which of course I would).

On the other hand I think I could actually make a profit if I went on to finish the legendary and sold that. Finishing the legendary isn't an issue. Obviously it would take longer but none of the requirements are a problem for me. I have 11 characters and like doing map completion so I can easily spare a Gift of Exploration and getting the Gift of Battle isn't a problem, and the rest is basically just saving up specific materials and a bit of Mystic Forge RNG.

But it seems risky to me. Do people actually buy legendaries that often? This would be a huge amount of gold for me. The listing fee is likely to be over 100g and that's more than I normally have in total. So I can't exactly afford to keep re-listing it if it doesn't sell. My normal approach is to list things for just under the current lowest price, then wait 15 days and re-list it if it hasn't sold, but I'm not sure if that's actually a good approach or not. If I do sell it I want to make sure I do it right, to make sure it actually sells without resorting to just selling to the highest bidder.

So to summarise:
I am going to make The Lover - that's not up for discussion.
I'd like advice on whether to sell the precusor, or the finished legendary, and if it's the 2nd one some tips on selling high value items for someone who has never done it before.

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