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[Suggestion] Revenant signets

Yannir.4132Yannir.4132 Member ✭✭✭✭

I always thought Revenant's biggest flaw is how it's so predictable in what it runs. As an opponent to a rev, you can see his weapons and his stance and you know exactly what skills he has available. So I would like to suggest adding a set of utility skills that can be taken into any stance. I chose signets.
An idea would be that while a signet could be in both stances at the same time, cooldowns would be shared between a given signet and the 2 stances.
Here we go:

Signet of the Mists (healing signet skill)
Passive: Gain Health when swapping Legends. Basically triggers upon coming in and out of the legend it is slotted into.
Healing: 910 (0.2 scaling from Healing Power)
Active: Gain health and refresh the cooldown of your legend swap.
Healing: 5400 (2.2 scaling from HP)
Activation time: 1/2 s
Energy Cost: 5
Cooldown: 30 s

Signet of the Demon (utility signet skill)
Passive: Increased Condition Damage
Attribute Adjust: 180 Condition Damage
Active: Strike your foe with Torment and grant yourself Resistance.
Damage: 125
Inflict Torment (2 stacks) for 7 seconds.
Gain Resistance for 3 seconds.
Activation time: Instant
Energy cost: 15
Cooldown: 20 s

Signet of the Dwarf (utility signet skill)
Passive: Take decreased condition damage
-10% Incoming Condition Damage
Active: Gain Stability and Retaliation.
Gain Stability (3 stacks) for 5 seconds.
Gain Retaliation for 5 seconds.
Activation time: 1/2 s
Energy cost: 30
Cooldown: 40s
Breaks Stun.

Signet of the Assassin (utility signet skill)
Passive: Movement speed is increased by 25%.
Active: Refill Endurance and gain Quickness.
Endurance gain: 50
Gain Quickness for 5 seconds.
Activation time: 1/2 s
Energy cost: 15
Cooldown: 30 s

Signet of the Centaur (utility signet skill)
Passive: Heal allies around you every interval.
Healing: 410 (0.4 scaling from HP)
Number of Targeted Allies: 5
Interval: 5 s
Active: Create an area of continuous healing in target location.
Healing: 1130 (0.5 scaling from HP)
Pulses: 5
Combo Field: Water (4s)
Radius: 180
Range: 900
Activation time: 1 s
Energy cost: 25
Cooldown: 45 s

Signet of the Invoker (elite signet skill)
Passive: Gain energy every interval
Energy Gained: 5
Interval: 3 s
Active: Gain Energy, Fury and Might.
Energy Gained: 50
Gain Fury for 20 seconds.
Gain Might (5 stacks) for 20 seconds.
Activation time: 1 s
Cooldown: 60 s

For a trait was thinking of something basic, like just a cooldown reduction, in the Invocation line.
That is all for now, share your thoughts!


  • Nath Forge Tempete.1645Nath Forge Tempete.1645 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 7, 2018

    Signet has passive that can be read under the character name when they are ready .... so no point on doing that since your argue was that the skills that already exist were too predictable (as the legend which the revenant is using can be seen already)

  • I like having the option to use signets on a profession when I'm feeling super lazy and don't want to use utility skills as much (filthy casual) so this would be nice, but like Nath said you can see the signet passive icon on the character anyway so it wouldn't resolve this particular issue.