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Wrong error message while gliding into enemy Pangloss Camp

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When gliding from the Red Keep into Pangloss you get the wrong error message.



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    It's because they haven't fixed it since they added the horrible eyesore mountain thing to the back of old OW. That glide spot would have put you inside the eyesore mountain. Hence the error. The game thinks you are outside the playable area.

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    Its technically a correct error message in the wrong location. Just saying.

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  • I actually got that a few times just by running in the open world. Not saying yours weren't because you may have technically left the playable area, but it may also be a bug somewhere in the system.

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  • We will look into it.

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  • @McKenna Berdrow.2759 said:
    We will look into it.

    To give some more information, the error came up when gliding towards Veloka side entry to the camp from the Red keep's waypoint.

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    it happens when you gilde inside the old ogrewatch tower, at positions where you would have been in the ground of the tower if it was still at old location. so guess the tower was not moved completely :D

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