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What should be top priority?

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What should be top priority? 26 votes

Changes to Conquest maps and new Conquest maps.
ButterPeanut.9746Obindo.6802Velimere.7685Andyx.3985Chilli.2976jsp.6912Weo weo.6378SaltyDogs.9073MarshallLaw.9260Kasdwer.3721Carom.7318Beast.1769 12 votes
Changes to Battle of Champion's Dusk and/or new Stronghold maps.
Ivantreil.3092Raiden The Beast.3016Halikus.1406Searven.4820brethyew.6219 5 votes
2v2 & 3v3 maps.
Razor.6392Saiyan.1704Loop.8106Luciferior.4802corey.6451Morwath.9817Meteor.3720Aedaryl.3195Untouched.1672 9 votes


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