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It's been over 2 months since the API has had any updates or new things added.

Has anyone taken over the project on a daily basis? Bit concerned the API is going to get swept under the rug and forgotten about.

For me the API is one of the most important things about GW2, as it has helped me a ton with a lot of information from trading post results, crafting items, as well as checking my own account statistics and all that fun stuff. Last official response from ANet was Nov 2nd from Lawton, but he was promoted and I haven't heard anything about someone taking his place.

Would be nice to hear an official response on this.


  • I agree with the OP.

    Still, it's hard to imagine that @Lawton Campbell.8517 is going to let all his hard work wither away. I'm sure (or as sure as I can be without working there) that he's doing everything possible to make sure that (a) there's a replacement to take over the role and (b) he has time to show him everything he's learned (and which mistakes to avoid).

    Of course, I'd love to see someone confirm my speculation. The community has come to depend on a robust, evolving, & stable API (even if many of us don't realize how important it is, ANet should).

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  • This is the (not offical!) response I got when asking this in gitter chat:

    Eearslya Sleiarion @Eearslya Dec. 27 2017 17:42
    They're setting up a team so that gameplay programmers have better access to help out with the API. lye is the web lead now, so there's a lot of management on his plate instead of programming.

    lye is also active from time to time in that chat, and also there were some additions to the API recently (Raid 3 Wing 1 got added to the raid endpoint)
    looks like we are getting some downtime but afterwards it will be back to normal or maybe even better.