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CSL: ♥ February ♥

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Hey all,

Community Showcase Live (aka CSL, our livestream that features fan art of all kinds) will be coming to you in the month of February, with a very February-appropriate theme: Love, Friendship, Fellowship, and all that good stuff. I figure this is the one time of year I could flood the page with <3 and not one of you can raise an eyebrow, right? Ok, I'll resist the impulse. :)

I have been saving up some great images over the last year, but I only have a few and we need many more! Art, crafts, videos, music -- we are looking for it all!

I will be completing the curation of art by January 31st so please add yours in this subforum or our Tumblr page -- or both -- very soon!

Note: Please use #GW2FanSubmission on Tumblr, so we have permission to feature your work. If you want to use the forum tagging system, go with #Valentine if you would be so kind.

CSL airs on or Twitch channel, and some shows are multi-cast on Facebook and YouTube, too. Here's the archive of shows.


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