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Extra Mount Adoption License?

So I've been getting mount adoption license for the last few months and have enough for a 10 pack but only need 7 more to complete the set. Would getting the 10 pack be a waste? Would the extra 3 that I would get have to be tossed for nothing?


  • Tyger.1637Tyger.1637 Member ✭✭✭

    7 individual licences would be 2800gem, the 10 pack is 3400gem. So individual would be best as you'd not spend 600gem on 3 extra licences that may or may not have further value.

  • I wouldn't spend 600 gems "just in case". It's all but certain that they won't add more skins to that particular mechanic.

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  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    When Mike O'Brien apologised for the poor launch of the Mount Adoption Licences he said:

    @Mike O Brien.4613 said:
    Microtransactions can be polarizing, and we’ve received both positive and negative feedback on the license. We won’t change the existing license in a way that would invalidate the investment players have made, but I want to confirm to you that our next planned mount skin releases will focus on individual sales like the Reforged Warhound and bundles like the Spooky Mounts Pack. We will not add any skins to the currently available Adoption License, thus not pushing down the odds of acquiring any one skin in that set.

    There's a chance he was only talking about the 'next planned mount skin releases', aka the immediate future and more will be added later on. But it could also be taken to mean no more mounts will be added to the current set and if new RNG mounts are added later they'll be available via a new adoption licence or some other system.

    Personally I wouldn't take the chance that the 3 spare licences will be useful later on. Best case scenario: in the long run (potentially talking a few years here, given how unpopular RNG mounts were) you save yourself a few hundred gems. Worst case scenario: you spend 600 gems on something you will never be able to use and by the time you give up and ask Support for a refund they say you've had them for too long and they can't be refunded.

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