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post distortion share nerf discussion

musu.9205musu.9205 Member ✭✭✭

it has been a while since the nerf .
how you guys feel about this change now .

personally I saw nothing changes to the meta, pugs are still carried by druid and chrono or healing rev at gors .people still skip mechanic as always with op dps , aegis (funny how guard complains this doesn't work in raid), healing ,rebound etc .
the so called : op mechanic skip is a scapegoat more than anything for bad game balance .
firebrand still has far more support tools than chrono but it will still be off meta as long as druid spirit is a thing . (while SoI remains unchanged ,harrier druids could keep nearly perma protection and vigor etc which makes SoI boon share less "op" ).

also weaver op dps makes it impossible to change chrono + dps to quickbrand + alacrity rev in fractal (rev has boon removal before everyone asks).

its more like anet doesn't have manpower and time to review gw2 balance as a whole but instead they do kneejerk balance until certain class becomes unplayable .

they should take their time and rework trait line and core spec . but this isn't gonna happen .each expansion will just bring more mess and more "useless" spec . coz there will only be that many slots for support builds (heavy support scourge .).


  • Carighan.6758Carighan.6758 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I love it. I mean it was a small and individually weird change, but no longer having to do raid mechanics for other people is nice. Makes it easier to train raiders too since they're not used to skipping mechanics as much from PUGs.

  • Pyroatheist.9031Pyroatheist.9031 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 16, 2018

    @Carighan.6758 said:
    I love it. I mean it was a small and individually weird change, but no longer having to do raid mechanics for other people is nice. Makes it easier to train raiders too since they're not used to skipping mechanics as much from PUGs.

    Except that this only actually changed anything for VG and kinda Gorse, and hardly even then. The only attacks that you could invuln and can't block were greens and gorseval black breakbar goo. Everything else is blockable... And that means that we do mechanics for everyone. Gorse smash? Block. Spore shake? Invuln and jump. Matthias whatever? Block. Kc jump? Samarog swipes? Deimos smash? Deimos arena nuke? Desmina everything? Block block block.

    For the few attacks you can't block, you just ignore anyway. You don't even need to stack barrier or anything... Just heal through it and literally ignore the attacks. Seems good.

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  • I'm ok with it, granted I am not a raider so it didn't effect me as much. I slotted in Illusions now rather than Domination for my fractal runs...having ToT and the SoI timing sync up is more important to me now than a personal distort. Means I get to be a little lazier and not have to be so hyper aware of where I am in the rotation. It's made fractals way more enjoyable for me.

  • Xaylin.1860Xaylin.1860 Member ✭✭✭

    I do not raid sas well. But I always felt that the non-Mesmer complaints about Distortion share was vastly exaggerated. I was disappointed that we lost yet another unique feature. However, from a balancing point of view, I can understand that a lack of shared Distortion might make it easier to design new encounters and mechanics.

    That being said, in the end it just lessened build diversity without changing too much for current encounters. I also feel that core Mesmer traits have been altered to such an extend that it has become a bit too messy for my personal taste (e.g. no utility traits in Duelling, Illusions basically having traits for 3 utility groups, Mantras having no identity and so on). Which is kinda funny... since I actually enjoyed the more recent balancing. Even though it's still too slow and not enough at a time.

  • I don't think it has really affected the raiding scene too much. The static group I raid with haven't changed any of their strategies at all. All that has happened is the healers have to work a little harder to keep everyone topped off, so instead of avoiding the damage, we are taking the hits and healing through it.

  • Ithilwen.1529Ithilwen.1529 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'm a non raider.. but the change does mean that I can distort without giving the point to the other team. If distortion is given to the entire team, it's the same as the enemy team standing alone on the point.

    Previously, I sometimes had the choice of dying or distorting my whole team and giving up hammer or bell.

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  • Another aspect that should only be shared with our illusions. Just like an improved alacrity.

  • Zlater.6789Zlater.6789 Member ✭✭✭

    it is still dearly missed, but at least it has opened up other mesmer specialization options.

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