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Drakin Cinderspire Bugged

It seems stuck on the first stage of the mission; even though myself and many others (I've observed for an extended period of time) have killed many "minions" (embers and greater embers), it never progresses to the next stage. This should be categorized as a higher priority because several legendaries require an achievement from this for the first stage.


  • I'm having the same issue and am currently stuck in advancing because of it :/

  • this has been bugged for YEARS and they still have not fixed it.

    Necro'ing thread because I ran into it right now.

  • Necro'ing it again because it is happening right now as I write this. Been trying for at least 20 minutes. No matter how many embers you kill, the bar doesn't fill and the event doesn't progress. And I'm here for a collection item for the legendary rifle.