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Lf EU/PVE/Casual/Beginner friendly guild

Hierophant.3851Hierophant.3851 Member
edited January 18, 2018 in Looking For Guild

I am a returning player who never played the game with party or guild. I was playing solo and I love the game so much, but always getting bored because of no dungeoneering with a guild.
So I have returned to game after some time, bought the expansions and now I want to do everything from the beginning. I don't want to go to 80lvl to start dungeons.. I want to go in there and explore every dungeon, and learn from others.. I don't need a huge guild with expansions etc, only a bunch of people who share my point of view. I don't want only to go to 80 and play some fractals or go in dungeons only with pugs although I know that the game is old and most players have fed up with simple dungeons..


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