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New Player looking for a guild

Joetsg.1972Joetsg.1972 Member
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Hi hi - I am a new player I am wanting to get into it more, make some friends etc, I haven't made a character yet, but before I did I was wondering if mattered what server I joined. I also was wondering should I start from level 1 or just go straight to 80.


  • Hex.2579Hex.2579 Member ✭✭✭
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    ello. welcome to the game!
    server region will be separated, between NA and EU. NA players won't see EU friends unless they're on the same region. whereas NA players with different servers still play with each other, except they'll be divided when they enter wvw zones since this is mega servers battle.
    each region has their own high and low population servers. my best bet is to join the highest population server you can, whichever doesn't matter. when you start to get into wvw, it'll make it enjoyable. i joined a medium server, and when i started to roam, it was in the low server list, aka we had less man power then. so we usually got rolled over by bigger servers matching up with us. that's no fun. but that's just my two cents.

    you should start from level 1 cuz you're new. you should learn the game mechanics, the class mechanics and the combat system before getting into end game contents. or at least get into playing some open world contents since mobs hit hard in level 80 zones and it can be painful for you.
    level 80 is max level and unlock all traits and skills. it'll be quite overwhelming and most find themselves lost when decide to chose the high way without learning how to drive first. glhf =]

  • Vayne.8563Vayne.8563 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's really not enough to just "look for a guild". You should try to find a guild that fits your play style. For example, I'm a casual, social player, who doesn't really care about the hardest content in the game. I'm more interested in having a good time with friends and killing some stuff. Doesn't mean I don't get into the story and lore, but I just can't be in a hard core guild. Also I pretty much focus on PvE. I have done a bit of PvP and a bit more WvW, but I'm a PvE'er at heart. That gives a guild something to work with.

    Me, I'd look for a casual, social guild that focuses on PvE. Your preferences may vary considerably. My guild wouldn't work for everyone. Seems to work for some of us though.

  • Yep. If you are a new player, do not use the level 80 boost, it's best to start from level 1. Also, Servers don't matter that much unless you have a friend that you want to do World versus World with (that's more end game stuff). Also, I just made a guide for new players, so I would recommend watching it if you want a little bit of a head start. Hopefully it helps! Also, Good luck on your Guild Wars 2 journey, I love this game :)

  • Sand Sharks would love to have you. We are a friendly NA based guild. Happy to show you the ropes. Feel free to message in game.

  • @Ninja.1695 said:
    Sand Sharks would love to have you. We are a friendly NA based guild. Happy to show you the ropes. Feel free to message in game.

    Well I'd love to join my characters name is Kartherian, do you guys use any 3rd-party chat rooms?

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