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Everytime I fight in WvW, play in Raids etc. If I kill random monsters in PvE I dont crash. But it is instant so cant be from my computer


  • Sorry to hear you have some issues. I’m afraid your post isn’t really clear.. you say that when you fight in open world PvE you do not have any issues. But when you play in world vs world (which is also open world, but with a twist) your client crashes? The same happens in Raids and other instanced content?

    Please let me know (and others reading) if I got it right or correct me.
    What also helps a lot is if you know the error code or codes you get when the game crashes. Also. Make sure to disable third party apps. Some are known to cause issues. So getting rid of them for a while is great to rule that out.

  • zengara.8301zengara.8301 Member ✭✭✭

    yeah, low fps and crashes at random. I fixed it by removing everything from bin 64 in gw2 folder. I had Arc DPS, and it was destroying my fps in general but also probably crashed me because it had to calculate everyones dps while fighting.

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