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~3am Central time/Early week raiders

I'm looking to get into raiding again. I took a rather lengthy break from guild wars.
I have experience with all three bosses in wing one but that's about when I stopped playing.
I have a hard time finding raid groups during my play times, so if anyone is looking to raid(train/teach) during the time in the title, I would love to join. Sundays and Mondays are my usual days off of work which I am able to raid at anytime, but if its days I work, I cannot til around 3am.
I am not in anyway new to the game, I have about 10k hrs into the game and have most of my characters in current raid attire. I am most comfortable with guardian although I also have a lot of time in on my elementalist and mesmer.
Looking forward to hearing from you, please feel free to message me in game if you have any questions!

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