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[EU][semicasual PvX] A small friendship-based guild looking for being aquired by larger guild

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We are a small guild of friends, most of us playing from day one. With long periods of inactivity between our major comebacks, we had no chance to try raids, T3+ fractals, or even build our own guild hall - but few of us were persistent enough to have gain skill on sPvP, craft their legendary weapons or experience in WvW blob commanding. With new expansion, our time has come to be a part of something bigger - and we are announcing our willingness to merge, or rather be aquired, by a larger, active guild.

We are made of Polish people, but we do speak English fluently (that being said, sorry for any mistakes found in that post ;)). We bring an active player base to your guild, that would be willing to play everything you would - we love the whole game and would not restrain from any fun or challenging activities.

Some numbers and info:

  • number of players: 6
  • most players are on Far Shiverpeaks
  • we own our Discord server, so we prefer Discord as the communication tool
  • 1 player with commander tag and WvW / HoT meta-event experience
  • 3 gold-rank PvP players
  • combined Achievement Points: ~40k (rather fun than relevant fact)

We do not consider ourselves hardcore, but we are experienced gamers and we know our stuff. We will be of good use for any type of activities, but we aim for sPvP, raids, fractals and PvE in general.

As once one wise merchant said, Life is a trial. Koda the judge, and Kodan the jury. - but don't let him decide on this one, make the call yourself. Please either respond in this thread or send in-game emails to Olhur.1759 for further info and proposals, thanks!

Short post scriptum: to make the thoughtful decision, we are giving ourselves few days to discuss the proposals. For that reason, please don't feel discouraged for us not replying earlier, and don't hesistate to contact us even if there are handful of replies already. Thank you for understanding.


  • Hi. We would love to have you :) we have just managed to start weekly raiding, raffles and competitions :)

    Take a look at The Arctic (Arc)
    We are always on the lookout for new penguins to join us :)

    or message me in game. crumpy.9725

  • Hello,
    we migth we what you are looking for. KeA is long standing PvP/PvE medium sized guild, majority of us are on Desolation (but generaly we do not play organised wvwvw much), atm we use both ts and discord (untill we decide what is better for us), we have raid group with flexible spots that needs to be filled to progress faster (atm 6 bosses killed), have guild hall and multiple events scheduled per week (pvp/raids/missions).

    You can check us on keaguild.com or check our recruitment post here.

    But I do prefare more personal approach while recruiting to our guild, so I will be happy if you contact me in game to chat in there or on discord.

    Thanks for considering us,


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