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Looking for a guild that suits me. (Casual, PVX, FoW )

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I am a specificranger a Belgian (UTC +1) guildwars 2 player who already has quite some experience with the game. I am looking for a guild that suits me. In the past I have been in a guild with the tag [rawr] which may sound familiar to some of you. That guild was very good to me, but because my own life went through some serious changes at that moment, I was less active and I finally left the guild.

To this day I have been in several guilds, but I have never felt as good as at [rawr]. So with this I am looking for a guild that can give me the good old feeling that I had with [rawr]. I am a fairly active player (weekly online, sometimes daily) who is always ready to help people in need. Even if it is to lead an event as when someone else is following his / her orders, as long as this is done in a friendly and not insulting manner. I also make mistakes or do not understand something from the first time.

What I certainly want to do with the guild is raids. Since I am already a fairly end-game myself, I would very much like to start making legendary armor. Furthermore, I am open to all other things such as dungeons, fractals and so on.

I hope that I can quickly stop my endless search for a new home and maybe join one of you.


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