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Looking for Dungeon-run-guild.

Hello. I've played Gw2 since release with a couple of breaks, right now I'm back from one of them.

I've always focused on WvW/PvP but this time I want to explore PvE (Dungeons/Raids)

Do any Dungeon-Guild exist? I dont seem to remember that you had to be on the same server to play dungeons together?
I play on Far-Shiverpeaks (EU) but play weird times becuase of my work.

I'm looking for a casual, fun & nice Dungeon-focused guild, that you can represent when you want to play dungeons and find party pretty fast with fun members.
Would also point-out that I'm kinda new to PvE and will need some help with tips on builds etc.

Overall I have 14k+ AP points, over 2000 k hours played, some legendaries etc. I'm also very helpful and would like to help new members when I have learned all about dungeons myself.

IF no dungeon-run-guilds exist, please apply in the thread if you want to start one up.


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