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Which would you like to see the most [For Fun]

Deus Fatorum.2473Deus Fatorum.2473 Member ✭✭✭
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So most of us know about mirror duels, but hypothetically which mirror match-up would you like to see happen the most? Was joking about this in a dueling arena, figured could be a nice way of laughing/blowing off steam while waiting for the balance patch...

Full Counter is supposed to counter everything, why else is it called FULL Counter... Just like 100 blades should really hit 100 times so you instantly die to retaliation.

Which would you like to see the most [For Fun] 47 votes

5v5 All FB Support
ReaverKane.7598Xanctus The Dragonslayer.2318Velimere.7685Silv.9207Glaidan.4653Andyx.3985dragonkain.3984TallBarr.2184Swing.6439Rufo.3716Wakthor Thorwak.2819 11 votes
5v5 All Condi Mirage
Josa.5067NICENIKESHOE.7128corey.6451 3 votes
5v5 All S/D Core Thief
Zaraki.5784K THEN.5162TamX.1870ukuni.8745allias.1420Uncle Dalty.8327 6 votes
5v5 All Spell Breakers (all using winds of disenchantment)
Rodzynald.5897 1 vote
5v5 All Fresh Air Eles
Mr Godlike.6098Toastinator.8467Eddbopkins.2630verskore.4312Im Too Godlike.5629 5 votes
5v5 All Explosives' Holosmiths
Obindo.6802 1 vote
5v5 All Condi Scourges
trooper.2650sephiroth.4217Anna.7845Azure The Heartless.3261aelska.4609ChSch.1596 6 votes
5v5 All Renegades
MithranArkanere.8957Rezzet.3614Vagrant.7206ArthurDent.9538Imperadordf.2687BeLZedaR.4790Namless.4028 7 votes
Other 5v5 mirror matchup I did not list.
Alatar.7364Luciferior.4802 2 votes
I am a no fun person and what like to say for the record this is a horrible idea.
Ardenwolfe.8590Arheundel.6451Eclipse.6203Vherak.5276Falan.1839 5 votes


  • Go away, thank you

  • 5v5 All Condi Scourges

    Lol, fb have the most votes atm. A neverending fight without kills and captures. First who slep, will lose.

  • 5v5 All S/D Core Thief

    I think s/d core thief would most likely be the most thrilling to watch, explosive holosmith would be a close second if they all wernt locked into the same utility skills

  • ReaverKane.7598ReaverKane.7598 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 25, 2018
    5v5 All FB Support

    What is this League of Legends?
    Are we getting URF? Please give URF!!!

    @ChSch.1596 said:
    Lol, fb have the most votes atm. A neverending fight without kills and captures. First who slep, will lose.

    It would be just like 2015 World Championships all over!! Except with FB instead of Chronos!

  • ArthurDent.9538ArthurDent.9538 Member ✭✭✭✭
    5v5 All Renegades

    I want to see 5v5 renegade so we can finally find out what the spec actually does.

  • Rufo.3716Rufo.3716 Member ✭✭✭
    5v5 All FB Support

    Would love to see if any support FBs would actually die.

  • Alatar.7364Alatar.7364 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 26, 2018
    Other 5v5 mirror matchup I did not list.

    5v5 S/D Weavers

    ~ I Aear cân ven na mar

  • TamX.1870TamX.1870 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 26, 2018
    5v5 All S/D Core Thief

    I know this for just for fun, and because of that, after long consideration, I chose a match between all S/D core thiefs. I think it that way that you have bet for one team to win, and you could have some hearthache moments during the match. It could be really fun to watch. If not that, I think it would be very interesting to see a match between fresh air eles.

    I can think that many other choices you put could be very refreshing, too. Maybe the dullest matches to watch would be support classes against each other, that would not lead to anything. But e.g. mirages against each other, scourges against each other, why not. If you would have placed a bet against one of the team, I am sure you would get some thrilling moments if the skill level of the players would be close equal.

    EDIT: Ah, I didnt mention renegades against each other, sure, that would put some tactical aspects to the match! But it is like stating "5vs5 rangers" or "5vs5 druids", if you give one class an advantage to take any of the specs, it will change the situation. Change "5vs5 fb" to "5vs5 guard", and it is different.

  • Rezzet.3614Rezzet.3614 Member ✭✭✭
    5v5 All Renegades

    Why not make an arena have unlimied winds of disenchantmentnin its nodes :v

  • Other 5v5 mirror matchup I did not list.

    5v5 All Deadeyes running max stealth gank mode turn guild wars 2 into COD also psshp kitten 5v5 eles and 5v5 revs? those classes are in such bad places atm you couldn't pay me to watch them fight.

    5v5 Eles/5v5 Revs would likely stop mid battle to debate how Anet is likely going to kitten them over this coming lel "Balance Patch"

  • 5v5 All Renegades

    Revenants are the ones with the least amount of spammable nonsense, so that's the only choice for any sane person.

  • Vagrant.7206Vagrant.7206 Member ✭✭✭✭
    5v5 All Renegades

    5v5 thieves would be a gankfest on both sides.
    5v5 holos would also be a gankfest.
    5v5 scourges would also be a gankfest.
    5v5 firebrands... nothing would happen.

    5v5 renegades... that would be interesting. There would be a lot of skill involved in that, which would be fun to watch.

    The great god Lagki demands sacrifice!

  • 5v5 All Condi Mirage

    Will be funny to see people try to find the real mirage in that mess

  • Namless.4028Namless.4028 Member ✭✭✭
    5v5 All Renegades

    5v5 all minionmaster would be also fun

  • Imperadordf.2687Imperadordf.2687 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 29, 2018
    5v5 All Renegades

    5v5 Renegade so we can see why Renegade actually exists.

    5v5 Tank/Sword elementalists would also be fun.

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