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[eV] Static Raiding Guild Looking for Experienced Players for Weekly Clears (1-5) and Daily CM100/T4

Who Are We?
[eV] is a [NA] static group that regularly clears wings 1-4 on average in 2 1/4 hours, and is currently working on their completion of wing 5 as a group (some of us have the Wing 5 completed individually so there is experienced leadership). Some of our members also complete daily speedclear CM100/CM99/T4s. We place on emphasis on skill and communication but we are overall a chill group that enjoys each other's company and sharing laughs during raids (until meme time is over).

As holidays had put many members on hold, our Wing 5 progression has only recently started (some of our members have their Wing 5/Dhuum completions elsewhere). The new year and new semester means schedules have changed and there is need for new members to fill the void.

What Are We Looking For?
Experienced members with all 5 wings; at least have done regular clears for wings 1-4 and have seen all of wing 5 (Dhuum kill not necessary).
Competent DPS w/ current meta builds (exceptions can be allowed)
Must have at least 1 power class (Weaver, Dragonhunter, Holosmith) [Strong Weaver is a plus] AND
1 condi class (Soulbeast, Mirage, Firebrand, Scourge, Renegade, Daredevil)
Banner Warrior
Multiclassers are a plus. Being able to have a Druid, Chronomancer, and/or Banner Warrior is a huge boon in case of last minute replacements.
If you can't commit to two days, still apply. Spots are always open and a bigger pool means less waiting around for pugs.
Players who can commit to Mondays and Thursdays at 8:30pm EST (1.5 hours after server reset) will get priority placement into our core group.
Points of Emphasis
Have situational awareness and the ability to adapt, especially on the fly. Someone with exceptional DPS, no situational awareness, and causes constant wipes is a detriment to the group. You shouldn't always require callouts to understand what's happening around you.
Be the kind of player that doesn't wait around for someone to tell them to improve. Motivate yourself. Practice when you can. Strive to always improve and refuse to be stagnant.
Members who communicate regularly. We relay messages throughout the day on discord and I place on emphasis on those who are able to at communicate and read discussions at least once a day so they're not lost on updates when we meet up to raid.
We prefer those who speak with a microphone during raids.
Ready to Raid?
We will hold tryouts during our clears to see if you fit.

Contact for more information:

Diefour.1632 in-game or Diefour#2307 on discord
AureliaSilvati.6049 in-game or Aurelia Mae#8430 on discord

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