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[Tyrian Tarot] FUNDING OPEN! - Officially Sponsored By ArenaNet - 2 Days Left!

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Welcome to the Tyrian Tarot, a project by the GW2 Artist Collective -- Officially Sponsored By ArenaNet!

Current Status Update: Funding is open! We've knocked out all of our original stretch goals, and we're on our last pledge goal for a gilded card! The book is now free with every purchase and hardcover with gold foil, and the deck comes in a 2 piece box, also foiled.

FUNDING IS OPEN! Please consider backing us!!]--- >https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tyrian-tarot

What is this? The GW2 Tarot Club is the project for Summer 2018 under the GW2 Artist Collective (producing Tyrian Tarot). The cards feature Guild Wars 2 illustrations in the full Major and Minor Arcana sets, for a complete 78 cards, with an addition of 4-5 wild cards and a custom title card. Subjects of the cards are based on the meaning of the individual cards (which we’ve based on the Tarot of Marseilles), and will have their explanations in an accompanying 200 - page book.

The collaboration will involve around 68 artists from all over the world. We will again be selling the project for a charity of the contributor group’s choice. (History reference: We donated 2.1k to MSF with Chimes, the Wintersday Fanzine 2017, which is run under the same Creative Partner).

With the Artist Collective, I invite back illustrators from project to project, so you'll often see reoccurring faces, but we'll always leave 20+ spots open to people who are new to our collaborations. With that, we've already released our invited & reinvited list for this project. Feel free to welcome them!

Highlights (will update as necessary):
* We are currently use Indiegogo for this project - it only allows for Stripe due to Paypal's preorder policies.
* It launched on April 15th (World Art Day) to crazy success - it fully funded in 5.5 hours, and completed all of its original stretch goals in 2 days!

Feel free to email any questions to gw2collective@gmail.com, or DM them on Twitter to twitter.com/GW2Collective or Tumblr at gw2collective.tumblr.com. We are always reachable and will answer any question as thoroughly as we can.

ArenaNet Creative Partner. Organizer of the Wintersday Zine (closed for 2017) and the GW2 Artist Collective.



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