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[EU][PvP] Tyranny in Tyria is looking for new recruits!

Tyranny in Tyria is open for new registrations. We are a PvP focused guild, participating in both ranked and tournaments, daily. The guild is a close-knit, small community which is steadily growing.

We don’t ask you to be of any rank, so don’t be afraid of that. We are looking for active players who are willing to learn and play as a team, and most importantly, players who know that losing is learning, and won’t lash out to other teammates for being defeated.

If you think you are capable of all the things mentioned above, you are most welcome to join Tyranny in Tyria.

Contact us in our discord, or in game to either DirtyDon.2678 or masterspore.5138.

See you in the mists.

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