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Where to view patch notes / changes for necro ?

I am a returning player who stopped several weeks before the path of fire expansion. I used to play a valkyrie reaper for open world PvE because I just like feeling like a tank. I read recently that there were several major(?) nerfs to the reaper and the shroud and was wondering where I can get more info on this. I browsed through the GW2 wiki but couldn't find anything useful. Is there a way for me to view the changes since before PoF came out ?




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    Well there's the patch mentioned in the 2nd topic you linked: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Game_updates/2017-11-07#Necromancer

    But if you want a summary of all changes since PoF you're probably better off asking in the necro sub forum for someone familiar with the class to bring you up to speed.

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  • While there's no specific place to see all changes from Date ABC to Date XYZ, you have the following options:

    • The wiki includes the history of every change made to every skill/trait, along with the dates and the details. I think the lag between change and wiki update is usually about a week, but I stopped checking, so it might be less/more now.
    • You can use the links provided above and manually search.
    • You can use google (or bing or whatever) to narrow your search. For the wiki, it would be something like: site:wiki.guildwars2.com inurl:game_updates necromancer. For the forums, site:en-forum.guildwars2.com inurl:game-release-notes necromancer. In either case, you can restrict that further by date.

    I think @Danikat.8537 suggested the best option: asking in the relevant profession forum. You'll get some opinions coloring the facts, but you'll also get quick responses.

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