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[EU][PVX] Looking for a casual, friendly guild


I'm a returning player. Played since the start for the first two years straight. Came back last year, bought HoT and played for a few weeks. Returned again now, bought PoF, and am curious to see what's up with Guild Wars 2 in general now.

Used to be a hardcore dungeon runner, and also did some hardcore WvW for a few months.

Having said that, I'm looking for a friendly bunch of people. I never like it when there is only a handful of people online, but I also dislike big guilds where nobody really cares about each other, if you know what I mean.

What I'm looking for, is just to have fun, help out others where possible and ask for help in return if I ever need it. I'm casually working towards crafting my first precursor and eventually my first legendary, and along the way I'm looking to have "fun".

"Fun" for me is not having to do the same thing over and over in order to level something. I think the mastery system is great, and working towards the next mastery is great, you can choose what to do next, instead of doing the same stuff over and over.

I have all classes, all Asura's, and I mainly play my Necro, Warrior and Guardian. Still loving dungeons, fractals, and wouldn't mind trying to raid, but since I hate both wiping too many times in raids, and a raid leader who cannot keep his/her cool, I doubt I'll ever get into raiding in GW2. WvW is still high on my list, I love it, and would be willing to move servers to be able to play WvW again on a decent level (Not looking for anything hardcore though).

TL;DR, I'm looking for a medium-sized guild, with friendly people, basically a guild where people can feel welcome, instead of being another number.

PS/ I'm on Aurora Glade right now, but can move to anywhere that isn't full :-)


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