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[AMOK] Atoms for Peace - PvE guild looking for members to play with!

Hello, we are Atoms!
A group of friendly and funny people who share their love for playing Gw2. We usually spend our time doing fractals/dungeons on daily basis.
Raids are at the moment focused around the weekend, as our team is still building up. While this is all very relaxed and we like to be laid back (as we aren't any hardcorers) we like to play efficiently and on a rather fast pace. Which translates to our members playing classes/builds/tactics accordingly to the current state of the meta.
We help out newer, or returning players to achieve a slightly higher level in-game but we don't consider ourselves "casual".
If you are motivated to learn and improve in the game with tons of fun and laughing, feel free to mail me : Jazz.2176

We have our own Discord server for every activity we do together and all the memes :D (We hope you like jokes...)
Although we are all about laughing together, we do not tolerate any verbal attacks or rudeness.

Most of us play on CET/GMT

Have a pic of the peeps


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