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[NA][RP/PvE] Raven's Hollow [RVN]

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My name's Syreas. This is my story.

When I was young, I hated the charr with a passion. My mother, an Ascalonian, would tell me stories of the plains and the monsters who took them from us. When she died, I left our home in Claypool and joined the Ebon Vanguard. I would make them bleed for the lands they took away from my family.

My friend Silas came with me, to watch my back. We were still there when Kralkatorrik rose, when the Ogre Revolt threatened Queen Jennah and decimated the Vanguard. Silas was corrupted by the Dragon in that moment and turned on us. I couldn't bring myself to kill him, and he buried his blade in my back. I barely survived.

In the face of the Dragons, my hatred for the Charr fizzled and died. I had been a child, focused on petty squabbles and blood. No more. I traveled the land, searching for the greatest soldiers, fighters and mercenaries the world over. I looked for those who, like me, had lost something to the Dragons. And I honed them into a strike team to be reckoned with.

Dragon Champions fell before us right and left, but it was Silas I sought to see fall--to put him to rest. Finally, after years and thousands of miles, I wiped his blood from my blade and looked skyward, offering a prayer to Grenth. I decided then that I would no longer be defined by what I wanted to destroy, but what I wanted to protect.

Raven's Hollow is calling, seeking new blood to hunt the Dragons wherever they may be, and to offer solace and aid wherever we travel. Will you answer the call?

Raven's Hollow [RVN] is rebuilding! Formed before the game launched back in 2012, we were originally a PvE guild with a backstory and nothing more. We've returned to the game and are looking for players to join with us to build a new community!

We're looking for players who are active, helpful, talkative, and interested in both RP and PvE. We occasionally do "bar RP", but more often than not, we'll run events in the open world, Fractals, or dungeons, acting in-character the entire time.

Your characters do not have to, canonically, be members of the Raven's Hollow guild. Seraph, Shining Blade, havrouns and hitmen are all welcome. In the past, RVN has crafted our own storylines and hosted our own events; some of which had a few of our players RPing as antagonists or outright enemies.

If you're looking for more information or would like to join, please message me here or in-game! My username is Syreas.8403. I hope to see you in Tyria soon!

Ranger since Beta. Founder and Co-Leader of Raven's Hollow, a Tarnished Coast RPvE guild created at launch.

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