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LFG on [FSP][PVX] Returning semi-HC player. Got decent credentials

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Look for an active guild with strong community feeling.

  • Some WvW presence is nice, even if its a small wvw event a month, EOTM for all I care. Not a requirement.
  • Regular guild events (or room to host them, look further below)
  • Members online throughout the day (Usually this means about 100+ members) + strong inner active core.
  • Must have a discord or ts3 or something, referring back to that strong community feeling.
  • Guild hall / bank etc etc bla bla

Im an (almost) 4yo player on Far Shiverpeaks.

  • WvW pug (I detest mandatory raids, I play what & how whenever I want)
  • Used to host many guild events back in my own Guild days. Willing to pick that up again.
  • Avid GM hoster if needed (if time / schedule permits)
  • TP player. Willing to teach and invest into event prizes.
  • Dungeon runner (Not raids, havent even stepped into one yet)
  • Active chatter.
  • Former Guild officer [FL] basically acting leader.
  • Former FSPG (FSP community guild) leader
  • Former forum moderator (various forums, including FSP)
  • Former Ts3 moderator (FSP)

Got 11k AP points (Im not an AP hunter). Rank 1837 wvw. Tiger rank pvp (Dont PvP often). Bound 2 legendaries (twilight, sunrise). forgot the amount I made and sold, somewhere 10+. Small TP player with enough skills to try train others. Almost 6k hours played. Played guild wars 1 too, 1k hours.

Im not much active on Gw2 forum so please whisper ingame. Next week ( 28-4 Feb) im out of the country so send me en email then. Please show up with a 2 sentence sales pitch with above described. Im not going to waste my time on simple invites or "join us" whispers.

/w Lokar Yakslapper