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Pet does not spawn on Ranger Dismount

When dismounting from a mount with a Ranger, the pet does not respawn properly. It has to be manually called out.


  • Yeah, I've seen this happening a lot lately. Happens more often when I'm downed from Soulbeast.

  • Kilrik.6320Kilrik.6320 Member ✭✭✭

    Happens to me frequently with as mentioned by escapay, the skill 1 dismount/attack ability.

  • Pets not coming out when diving or using 1 skill is really annoying. Nothing like going into combat, and your pet is still stowed. Particularly when "toggle action camera" is on and you have to undo the toggle, recenter mouse, select and click on "activate pet", then re-enable "toggle action camera". Painful, and usually deadly to ones self.
    This is counter to every other ranger attack skill, where the pet activates on skill usage. Should be consistent stow/activate usage between mounted and dismounted. Alternatively a stow/activate key-bind would be helpful, similar to mount/dismount key-bind, again should be consistent usage.
    Pets "still in combat" preventing you from mounting, is annoying especially when the pet is running alongside of you, while everybody else is mounted and gone after a fight.

  • I found a workaround until they fix this bug, use your 2nd pet instead of your first as your main.

  • Linken.6345Linken.6345 Member ✭✭✭✭

    How long did people ask for a way to permanently stow our pets and now when we got it its not good enough =)

  • Biggie Shorty.8190Biggie Shorty.8190 Member ✭✭
    edited November 23, 2018

    Any update on this?
    Edit: Just had a look at the known issues tracker, this bug doesn't seem to be on the list. It's been around 10 months since this thread started, any chance we could please get this looked into soon?

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Sometimes it does not even spawn on call only on merge an remerge

  • Yeah, it's been an annoyance since PoF came out, especially if you rely on your pet keeping the mess away from you.

  • Shivvies.3921Shivvies.3921 Member ✭✭✭

    So, apparently, we un-meld when we mount up - as I shout "ONE BECOMES TWO" whereas all I do is mount the raptor. Also, far as I can tell, whenever I dismount rather fast after mounting or if there are less than a few seconds between to dismounts I THINK the game thinks I'm on cd and spawn my pet un-melded.

    It is better using my second pet as my main pet - still, melding / un-melding thing is an annoyance. This kind of makes me think that the melding mechanic is not playing well with the mounting giving you a new bundle. Dunno, can2t claim to have any knowledge of what's going there under the hood but it might be that Anet had to jiggle things into place and engine won't let them fix this easily. So, some Dev input would be lovely.


  • Come on ANET I posted this almost a year ago, and it's still a bug. We rangers can't live like this :(

  • I understand it may not be a quick fix but it would be great if we could at least get the issue acknowledged. It's almost a year without a peep from the ANET team, @Gaile Gray.6029 could we please get this looked into soon?

  • Biggie Shorty.8190Biggie Shorty.8190 Member ✭✭
    edited December 9, 2018

    Any update?

  • Any update please? Its been over a year now and still no acknowledgement...

  • Ray Koopa.2354Ray Koopa.2354 Member ✭✭✭

    This really needs a fix, badly. I also never found a logic in being forced out of Soulbeast stances when dis/mounting, seems random to me too?

  • Just adding that I've also seen this issue and would love to see it get fixed.

  • Karob.1729Karob.1729 Member ✭✭

    Mounts and ranger pets have had a bugged interaction since the introduction of mounts to the game.

    (1) Mount engage skills frequently leave the pet in a stowed state, rather than returning them to their previous state.
    (1b) Even a merged soulbeast will often become unmerged (with pet stuck stowed) after a dismount.
    (2) Stowed pets normally activate as soon as combat starts, but pets in this bugged stowed state often remain stowed in combat and can only be used by manually clicking the tiny activate button on the UI (with no keybind option), which can be dangerous in the heat of combat.
    (2b) For soulbeasts, the bug may require re-merging with their pet.
    (3) In addition to being awkward to execute, these fixes place pet swap on cooldown, preventing the ranger from swapping when they would normally be able to.

    Because of ranger character lower base stats, they rely on their pets to stand on par with other classes in the game. With pet access so frequently hindered by this bug, this is a significant annoyance and nerf for rangers who use mount engages often.

    This bug has been plaguing open world rangers for almost two years now. An official response would be appreciated.

    (This bug occurs on both primary and secondary pets. I've been unable to identify any factors that increase or decrease likelihood of it happening, but I do wonder if it could be related to network latency.)

  • So.. this bug just started happening to my ranger.. and my build is a glass cannon and i need my pet to take a hit for me.. when playing on my own.

    Seeing as I've been playing for a month or so no issue and now this has started just over the last couple days i'm sure it's a bug.. and I really hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Well, this is just great. I have never had this problem, but apparently now since the big update, I have this curse too. I sent a bug report but it seems this has been going on for a long time.

  • @Skye.7938 said:
    So.. this bug just started happening to my ranger.. and my build is a glass cannon and i need my pet to take a hit for me.. when playing on my own.

    Seeing as I've been playing for a month or so no issue and now this has started just over the last couple days i'm sure it's a bug.. and I really hope it gets fixed soon.

    So I felt the need to add on to my last comment after dying.. idk 5 times or so trying to get my kitten pet out and the seconds it took to soulbond and un-soulbond while getting attacked by mods.. wasn't quite short enough to keep me alive... fix it.

  • Stormwolf.8567Stormwolf.8567 Member ✭✭
    edited February 27, 2020

    This bug is particularly noticeable (and easily reproducible) on the Auric Basin (Tarir) meta event on the west lane, where (firstly) transforming into a mushroom has always caused your merged pet to unmerge, and then secondly, when you explode the mushroom on the octovine, this action puts you straight into combat (due to the stacks of applied poison). This now (post-patch) results in your pet becoming 'Stowed' and you are unable to activate it until you can get out of combat, so you can't make use of either the pet or the merged skills.

  • EddyMI.7054EddyMI.7054 Member
    edited February 28, 2020

    I'm also "blessed" with this issue since yesterday. With 90% of the dismounts the is no pet.
    It appears that only one of my Rangers is affected...

  • This bug has been magnified with the recent changes to Soul Beast. Maybe it's about time they fix it???

  • Yup, with the latest patch you cannot even manually summon your pet if you do a pounce dismount (skill 1 on mount) on enemies and are in combat mode. So the latest patch does not only disable pet swapping, merging and unmerging in combat, but also makes the pounce dismount unuseable. Things like that happen when a company does not care about bugs that are in the game since the introduction of mounts which was in** September 2017**. Chapeau!

    Apart from that this is also a good example why competitive game mode balancing should be strictly separated from PvE/Open World balancing. As far as I am informed, a huge part of the latest patch is done by a former PvP hardcore player. So the person in question probably didn't even know about the mount pounce / dismount bug that despawns minions and pets. So the situation rangers find themselves in now is entirely Anets fault, not the guy who did the balance patch. And it was so foreseeable. That is bugging me the most. And I don't even play ranger as main.

  • Have the same problem. After last patch when I dismount with skill 1 then I cant active pet (as soulbeast i have to change form to get my pet back)

  • It's much worse now than it was in 2018. I'm not only having these same bugs as before more often, but also just now my Rock Gazelle turned into a Brown Bear! The other pet I had equipped was an Owl. I hadn't opened the pet dialog or anything, just happened after dismounting and summoning pet. When I did then open my pet dialog to check, sure enough, where the Rock Gazelle used to be was a Brown Bear. There isn't a keystroke just for "Brown Bear," right? It couldn't have happened accidentally :). Oh, and the workaround doesn't work anymore. It's pretty much random which of the two pets I get every time I dismount. I'm specced as Soulbeast.

  • I have experimented with this and found that if you are in combat while on your mount and dismount your pet is stowed and you can not call him out until combat is over. So not only does this happen when using the attack dismount (1 key) but it also happens if you get hit and dismount without attacking (IE the 'x' key). Soulbeast builds cannot use any of their unique skills (F1-F5) until out of combat. The latest patch has turned my pets into the incredible hulk post meeting Thanos. He just wont come out in a fight.