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    Thanks for sharing

    The revenue from mobile games is astonishing!

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    Kind of an old article. But, it's great that GW2 made the list (on an expansion year).

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    edited March 14, 2019

    As usual great profit need fire worker who made u that profit

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    @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Kind of an old article. But, it's great that GW2 made the list (on an expansion year).

    Actually the thread was necro'd for some reason after looking at all the dates.

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    Indeed, it was. Not sure why.

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    @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Indeed, it was. Not sure why.

    It was me and came up in my 'discussions list' for some reason...sorry about that, no idea why it came on my list...

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    kitten necros ;-)

  • curious as to how things are going for 2019 an gw2?

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    @Sonja Teh Trapper.7012 said:
    curious as to how things are going for 2019 an gw2?

    We're doing just great, thanks ;-)

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    This is why I am against people saying

    "this been discussed before. Use search feature"

    Because people do this and necro old threads like this.

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    Same place has data for 2018, it turns out.


    I'd say the reason GW2 made the 2017 top 10 list would have something to do with the PoF release. It didn't make the 2018 list.

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    So reading into this they invested a large amounts of profit into mobile games that where a failed concept.. now gw2 has potential to suffer.... ?

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    Seems like we did pretty well in 2017 for an old game of a niche genre that happens to be non-F2P on top of that. Actually surprised GW2 made about 1/5 of Dota's revenue if you consider the difference in mainstream popularity. But then, revenue isn't everything of course.
    The game did similarly in 2018. And it is bound to be outshone by the giants. These lists might be interesting but taking them as an indication on how well GW2 is doing makes about as much sense as taking a country's GDP as the sole indication on how well it's population is doing. Size and revenue isn't everything there is.

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