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Pounce doesnt work on dust devils for jackal heart

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(couldnt think of a shorter title, oops)

The renown heart in The Desolation "Help Drojkor, Spirit Quall, control jackals." (the heart you do in order to get the sand jackal mount) has an issue with some of it's activities:

Tormented Remnant Dust Devils, which you are meant do the pounce skill (jackal attack skill) on in order to remove the "Tormented Protection" buff enabling you to attack them, no longer works - you can pounce but it will not remove the Tormented Protection boon, thus they cannot be defeated and so one cannot get progress on the heart in this way.

Additionally, using the pounce skill to put barrier on Veteran Exhausted Jackal Runeforgers has never worked/contributed progess on the renown heart since release (which is something Drojkor describes as an aid to the djinn, though the heart doesn't specify it, I feel it is supposed to contribute.)