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What's the future for community TS/Discord?

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How's this going to work now?

As a random pug I would like to see GW2WvW discord host voip for all different worlds and restrict access based on their api keys.

I can't imagine myself being comfortable with changing it frequently

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    i'm sure most servers will start their own alliance so it'll be the alliance ts/discord

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  • According to the devs, they will update the API so it will work with alliance and guild both, allowing the fan-written verification "bots" to authenticate you appropriately.

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    The only way I can see it still working under a world->alliance (WvW guild)->sub guilds->players system is that they effectivly replace alliances with the guilds the eqvivalent size of current servers, replacing community guilds. Meaning, an alliance is the old community, not the world.

    So if it a server looks this now (very simplified):
    (500 man community guild)
    5x100 man raiding guilds + the community guild
    500 random players in their own guilds + the community guild
    Then 50% of those 1000 raiders+randoms are part of the current community guild, spread out.

    If Anet increase guild size and have 1000 spots then all members of the raiding guilds and randoms would join the community guild and mark it as their WvW guild, ie the alliance. There you have a clean transfer of the entire community in an alliance->sub guild layout.

    I highly doubt we will get anything this clean though. Plus I think we would need like... 2000+ man guilds to get an entire server.

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