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    Nerf mirage dodges!

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    @Voltekka.2375 said:
    Nerf mirage dodges!

    They can still dodge? o_O thats a mirage!

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    @ankortwat.4926 said:
    exotic isn't competitive, no serious WvW guild would accept you

    Seriousness is overrated.

    This post contains my opinion.

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    I could have sworn this thread was on the first or second page when I posted on it. What the kitten?

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    Anet should just cut the ascended purchase rank in half from 2k down to 1k.

  • @ankortwat.4926 said:
    exotic isn't competitive, no serious WvW guild would accept you with exotic gear, furthermore the difference is far more than the 10% if you add up infusions and additional buff-food effects. Fully buffed up it's something about 25%.

    hahaha. Serious guild - as a newbie? And all the other guilds don't care. In fact, the serious guilds I know don't care either, because SKILL and AWARENESS are much more important than gear rating.

    Seriously, play a couple of hours, you have ascended wvw gear. Farm silverwastes for a couple of hours, you have all the gold you need to buy the mats for ascended gear. Farm LW3 maps and ascended trinkets basically fly into your mouth.

    Gearing up is EASY.

    Complaining about lack of gear is pointless.

    Besides, I DO NOT WANT pvp style normalization. I like to mix up stats.

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    @BlaqueFyre.5678 said:

    @Tiawal.2351 said:
    Can take a long time getting proper gear, and playing a long time outside of WvW. I know many good players, who are rather playing other games, than do Living Story to unlock this and that stat and so on. Some just don't have time, and that 2-3 hour want to spend in WvW, not in PvE & story.

    You have to understand that not everyone likes the PvE part of this game. I did it somehow, I try to like it, but I have fun only in WvW, though I like PvE in other games, but not GW2.

    Similar to sPvP, WvW could have WvW exclusive armor, and let the "gear grind" stay in PvE. (Even if it's a shorter and easier "grind")

    There are many classes I'd like to try, but don't have proper gear, and I just can't do another set anymore, I rather watch a movie, just can't stand crafting and the rest... So when my current set becomes outdated, I will rather quit than get gear again. The stat difference is big enough to matter, just think about full Berserker vs. full Marauder, though of course depends on class & build as well. Being limited by gear restricts you to a class & role that anyway becomes sooner or later outdated.

    You can get full Ascended without ever having to leave WvW. And it doesn’t take that long, and once someone has a set of Ascended Armor they can either upgrade it to Legendary, or Just statswap it to another Stat set.

    If players want Standardized gear Anet made them a gamemode specifically designed around just that and it’s not WvW.

    Doesn't have to be "Standardized" (I think you mean what sPvP have). And, yes takes very long time as it is now, I need 1 year to get a full set or longer even, but I doubt that is possible without leaving WvW.

    nah, you need maybe 6-8 weeks of wvw, if you start at nothing for a full armor set. And the leaves you with plenty of time to get lw3 trinkets and lw4 weapons.

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    Could you imagine the howls if they "PVP-ized" gear in WVW from all the players who grinded WVW and PVE for mats to make legendary armor? And legendary weapons? Wow.

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    @Pelto.9364 said:
    For gear balance, I suggest the following:
    (1) Auto-scale stats to the same level so that people with ascended gear may continue use them.
    (2) Make all stats available from wvw armor vendor (who sells exo gear).
    (3) Make all trinkets available via vendor.
    (4) Make all sigils and runes available via vendor.

    or even better:

    make people actually work for their gear. You have to put time and effort into creating ascended and legendary gear. That time and effort is rewarded with a tiny stat advantage. No need to touch that system at all. You are either willing to invest the effort or you are not. Your choice.

    But stop catering to the loudmouthed lazy ones.

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    All these threads that keep asking for WvW to be turned into a structured system like sPvP for "balance".

    Let's just start calling it Big PvP then.

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    @Hannelore.8153 said:
    All these threads that keep asking for WvW to be turned into a structured system like sPvP for "balance".

    Let's just start calling it Big PvP then.

    Little PvP called to say that it's super jealous of your game mode's nickname.

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    Holy kitten necro batman.

    Edit: hey, OP, you get your gear yet?

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    @misterman.1530 said:
    Could you imagine the howls if they "PVP-ized" gear in WVW from all the players who grinded WVW and PVE for mats to make legendary armor? And legendary weapons? Wow.

    I never you use this card but I admit, that would make me leave the game. All that time spent and lost would sour any future experiences with the company. If they decide to go that route in GW3 that's up to them, but I think it would be a bad call. Again WvW is the endgame content. It's the thing to have people have goals to work towards.

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  • well, this idea has both, advantages and downsides. How you actually think about it depends on your attitude (how you prefer to think about WvW as a whole).

    IF you think about it being a mode, where you can improve yourself by gear, or even expect it to get rewarded with gear, you will probably will expierience this as a downside.

    IF you think about the mode as a competetive mode, where your GAMEPLAY decides over victory or defeat, you will probably like the idea of everyone having the same basis in terms of gear.

    I personally think of it as a highly competetive mode, where gameplay/"skill" should be the deciding factor about victory or defeat, not the quality of gear used. In this scenario, in a "perfect" fight, meaning with even numbers, identical perfect squad-compilation and "equalized" gear, the side that plays better will win because you cannot compensate "bad gameplay" with higher quality gear. Also: if the equipment/stat-system from sPvP would be used in WvW, it would make getting into the mode a bit easier for new players (because they won´t have to worry about their gear or build).

    The downside of this: if you are a player, that doesn´t play anything else besides WvW, gear rewards won´t matter to you anymore (because it becomes irrelevant in WvW and you won´t have any use for gear you possibly get from rewards). So, if you want to "equalize" all the gear for everyone in WvW, you would need some kind of reward, that compensates at least the loss of currently existing gear advantage (for example people that explicitly crafted ascended/legendary gear for use in WvW only). Finding something that fits in here would be difficult because: gear doesnt matter anymore, so materials and loot lose value in WvW; map currencies lose value in WvW as you don´t need them anymore to buy WvW-relevant gear; legendaries lose value in WvW as the big advantages of higher stats that can be changed on the fly get lost in the system.

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    One of the strengths of WvW in contrast to SPvP is a sense of continuity between it and the rest of the game.

    You can jump into SPvP with a level 2 character holding a rotten stick and never look back. It's a fun activity with its own progression but it feels very dissociated from "your character" in some ways. WvW, in contrast, is set apart but more coherently part of the same universe -- there's town NPCs chattering about the "Mist War," it's got a thematic connection to the afterlife and Fractals and the story stuff that happens in the Mists, all of your "stuff" is the same stuff. (SPvP is also in the Mists but you feel it less.) Making a character for WvW involves actually unlocking the especs, buying the gear, going out to find the specific pets you need if you're a ranger, &c. That Ascended Chef quest you did last month helps you support your whole team on reset night. Heck, the WvW maps even have vestigial junk like vistas and jumping puzzles in them.

    I think the game has mostly struck a good balance right now, thanks to the reward tracks, level-up tomes, and extra armor chests, &c. -- you can easily get a fresh alt up to par in an hour or two, but you still feel like this is a character you actually built and prepared for this just like you prepare a character for raiding or Fractals. It's tangible and permanent in a way that 95% of SPvP isn't.

    And the only part that a semi-experienced player can't do very quickly is getting full full ascended gear with all the bells and whistles. But just min/maxing your most important weapon and getting all ascended trinkets isn't very hard at all, and that puts you very close to optimal.