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Radndom Day in WVW on Necro Wars 2

If is not Necromancer is Spellbreakers .......just because is a bug when you get more than 5 conditions on you....now what i ask why don't make this game one max 2 shots and you die like those shooters games since is already close to that at least we know something , who fire first win ,,headshoot'' at the moment either you are Necromancer or Warrior or you just go with the power mesmer build .....so many skills and traits in the end to use the only 2 clases with the only one build.


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    If you get 1-shot on tempest with 22k hp and condi cleanse/protection skills in your bar, you're doing something very wrong.

    Maybe you should get good.

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    Scourge is easy pick for newbies ... u dont need to learn class... use meta build ... spam all skills into zerg..... its no brainer. Same with firebrand. Bubble war can change direction of fight. Few revs and weavers for power bombs and u dont need nothing else. But from scourge u will not take 1 or 2 shot .... its lot of aoes from lot of scourges... and they can easyly die from combination of hammer revs and weavers :) Maybe some changes will be soon in balance patch :)

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  • intox.6347 i really want you to show me how you as weaver kill a scourge....i really want to see that.

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    @FOKOZUYNEN.8206 said:
    intox.6347 i really want you to show me how you as weaver kill a scourge....i really want to see that.

    Two words:
    Fresh Air

    WHAT?!? Did you expect something special would be written here

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    K so spellbreakers can 1-shot people now. Pls share what character are you getting 1-shotted on by a spellbreakers. This is too difficult.

  • Roxanne.6140 you di not understand what i said in my post is that the game get close to be one shot one kill is near just because i saw how my warrior on 2 skill greatsword kill most of players .....for the rest i don't know what build you playing there since you don't see this damage or you just do like some players when they see so much damage they gave reports thinking is a cheater. By the time we speaking patch got on so for what i see mesmer got buffed AGAIN....scourge got some tweaks but rest the same spam condi lets hope will die since until now i could not even touch it .

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    I think you are confusing your subjective opinion with that of actual objective fact. This is not a problem I am seeing people have.