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  • Item: Zojja NPC
    Where: Personal Storyline
    Issue: Checkerboard texture still occuring

  • @Kira Dawson.2530 said:
    Item: Zojja NPC
    Where: Personal Storyline
    Issue: Checkerboard texture still occuring

    Zojja is still showing up as checkerboard (missing) skin in the Personal Story person-to-person dialogue, encountering this throughout the entirety of Chapter 3 as well.

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  • @Kira Dawson.2530 said:
    Item: Zojja NPC
    Where: Personal Storyline
    Issue: Checkerboard texture still occuring

    it also happened for me with councillor flax in the level 10 story

  • Sylvari Story "The Blossom of Youth"
    Checkerboard character

  • Sylvari Personal Story step: The Blossom of Youth
    Checkerboard PC and NPC
    Sylvari Personal Story step: An Unknown Soul
    Checkerboard NPC
    Sylvari Personal Story step: Dead of Winter
    Ghostly Checkerboard NPC

  • --- Zojja Character Model Textures Missing ---
    Location of player: Queensland, Australia
    Date: 02/13/2019
    Time: 1:12PM AEST
    Model's textures are missing during Snaff Would Be Proud mission sequences during cutscenes.
    Please see image attached.

  • Geddon.3985Geddon.3985 Member
    edited February 13, 2019

    Its happening in my human quests as well with Minister Arton and others. Forgive me for not supplying pictures/more details, however it also seems pretty widespread throughout various races and story parts so I'm believing that all models would be checked. (2-13-19)

  • Here are a couple more examples, and this is all new and out of nowhere BTW. (2-13-19)
    So now its even outside of Story instances for me.. maybe I'll uninstall and re-download again?

  • Item(s): Inquest Exo-Suit, Dynamics Exo-Suit, Timekeeper Outfit
    Race: All
    Profession: All
    Gender: All
    This is a glitch that for some reason only happens on my new computer (which can actually run GW2), but not on my old one (which runs GW2 at an amazing 5FPS out of combat)
    The holographic bits of these outfits goes...rainbowy. In the screenshots below, the outfit's glowing pieces are dyed pale blue. I have not changed the colour between screenshots.

  • Can confirm that the story step "The Blossom of Youth" (Sylvari Chapter 3, step 2, choosing the Order of Whispers' plan) does contain missing skins for both human-disguised Cai and player (PC is female):

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  • Thalies.7609Thalies.7609 Member ✭✭
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    Item: Dagger Main Hand
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Thief (Daredevil)
    Description: The dagger has wrong position of the animation 2nd skill 'Heartseeker'. It's cutting edge flipped back at the end of the animation. It's normal with the human male animation.

  • Ascalonian Catacombs (Story) : Checkerboard texture on NPCs and

    Caudecus's Manor (story) : Checkerboard texture on NPCs , Zojja Missing Hat/Helm (in cutscene) and and *

  • "Forging Permission" is checkerboarding only Zojja.
    "I don't feel so good, Mr. Sparkles."

  • Item: Student Leggings
    Race: Asura
    Gender: Male

    Basically, my toon's butt keeps sticking out of the outer piece of the leggings when he goes into his combat stance (with the staff).

  • Bublio.5602Bublio.5602 Member
    edited February 23, 2019

    Item: Zojja NPC
    Where: Friend's Personal Storyline (I was accompanying him)
    When in Friend's Story: Ch 4 Setting the Stage
    Issue: Zojja only Checkerboard texture during cutscene (experienced on both ends)

    Friend race: Female Human (Ares Daughter)
    My race: Male Sylvari (Farynd)
    Date and Time: 2/23/2019 1:20pm EST?

    (Edit) More errors with textures from friend's story. literally next chapter.

    Next chapter

    Next chapter (taken at 2:55pm EST same day)

  • Zojja has a checkerboard texture in the initial cutscene in the Arah (story) dungeon. (Sorry, no screenshot.)

  • Human, Male, Engineer
    Honor Headguard, Nightmare Court Faceguard, Other tight/small headgear seem to also show the skin, like the monocle.

    All of these fit just fine previously and out of nowhere they started showing up like this. No changes have been made on the body appearance with any kit between the times of them working fine and now clipping.

  • Item: Exalted Shoulders
    Issue: Ribbon dye not applying. When I apply Permafrost to the ribbons, it still appears black on my screen, but correctly appears Permafrost to other players. Have tried this on 2 computers, updated graphics drivers, and toggled with multiple visual settings but the problem persists.

  • Uber Yuna Skillz.9847Uber Yuna Skillz.9847 Member ✭✭
    edited February 28, 2019

    There are more NPC's that have skin bugs. The black and white checkers are not a fashion statement right? For me it happened during Accusation level 20 human story. But the quest before that, The Fall of the Falcons also featured a guard with the same issue. Please fix it. Thank you.

  • bobosaur.3946bobosaur.3946 Member
    edited March 1, 2019

    @bobosaur.3946 said:
    Item: Exalted Shoulders
    Issue: Ribbon dye not applying. When I apply Permafrost to the ribbons, it still appears black on my screen, but correctly appears Permafrost to other players. Have tried this on 2 computers, updated graphics drivers, and toggled with multiple visual settings but the problem persists.

    Sorry couldn't figure out how to edit the post. Here is some additional info:

    A picture of the issue:

    The ribbon color seems to be tied to the hair color.

    Have also tried the skin om different characters male and female and different shoulder pieces to no avail.
    Again it only appears incorrect on my computer (tried 2 different computers with different graphics settings)...
    Have also tried clearing cache and repairing game which also didn't work

  • Vince.6815Vince.6815 Member
    edited March 1, 2019


  • Jirb.7213Jirb.7213 Member ✭✭

    Item: Most shoulder pieces
    Race: Charr
    Profession: Any
    Gender: Female
    Issue: Most shoulder pieces float very noticably on female charr, even cultural ones. Most of the ones that don't float are horribly deformed. This is also an issue with male charr but to a lesser extent.

    Floating shoulders pieces examples:

    Deformation examples: (gets less deformed while walking) (please also note how the crotch cloth is shaped strangely) (male example, less deformation, crotch cloth looks fine)

  • Item: All head pieces with peepers, but it's not really the items, it's the off-centring of the head models
    Race: Charr
    Profession: any
    Gender: both
    Issue: Alle makeover kit exlusive head models are fundamentally different from the base models. They have a slightly different centring of design which causes terrible apparent misplacing on masks and helms with holes for the eyes. This has been an issue for years.
    There's also a really weird split in the Necromancer masks for the lynx head over the nose and artefacts on the clavicles. (gallery of samples)

  • Derailed.8723Derailed.8723 Member
    edited March 5, 2019

    Item: Chaos Gloves
    Race: Charr
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Revenant

    The Chaos Glove skin is not looking how it should. The light's brightness is down and these lines can be seen on the hands. I think it may be a shaders issue or something with the Mac Client.

    Shaders set to Low:

    Shaders set to High:

    It's a shame since I paid for this awesome glove skin and I can't fully enjoy it... :(

  • Item:N/A
    Race: Charr
    Profession: Blood Legion Solider
    Gender: N/A
    Problem: During the story line mission Ghostbore Artillery the blood legion solider didn't have any textures.ckr6wahx88k21.jpg

  • Vyr.9387Vyr.9387 Member ✭✭

    Item: Shrine Guardian jackal skin
    Race: tested with Human (male and female), Sylvari (female)
    Issue: player models appear inside the fox's body, not on top of the saddle; basic jackal and Branded jackal skins seem to be unaffected
    First seen: after yesterday's initial build

    Shrine Guardian Soulbeast 2.0 I
    Shrine Guardian Soulbeast 2.0 II
    Basic Jackal
    Branded Jackal

  • nono.1840nono.1840 Member
    edited March 7, 2019

    Item : Bench of the final judge
    Race : Human

    It used to work fine but after some updates ( yeah it used to be fine but then it bugged ) it does not anymore.

    The character's leg and the whole feet are IN the throne. Please fix it or do something.

    Thanks : )

  • Nightmare Court Sarong bugs with the jackall's Mirror masked skin. The backspikes of the jackall clips through it. Would be nice if it was properly draped over the spikes instead of this clipping. Very ugly!

  • Item: Heroic/Dragonblood Focus
    Race: Asura
    I believe this may have been posted in here before, but I can't locate it. The two new Foci added by All or Nothing's Dragonsblood collection are both bugged on Asura, displaying off-center/clipping into the hand. Considering how much these weapons are hyped up during the story, it's IMMENSELY discouraging to see it clip through my commander's hand!
    This thread had better pictures than I was able to take

  • Item: Noble Count Outfit
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Class: N/A (Guardian)

    The dress of this outfit is too long, I can't easily see my beautiful shoes.
    The shoes are so beautiful, can't easily see it. I am very sad.
    Can shorten the skirt so that the shoes can be seen at any time?
    Or launch a new dress with the same shoes.
    I will so happy.
    Thank you

  • bonce.7581bonce.7581 Member
    edited March 26, 2019

    Item: Back item
    Race: Charr
    Gender: Male
    Class: Engineer

    After swith to use two-handed weapon (Rifle, Elixir gun, Flamethrower) back item
    shifted forward-up to the neck at a strange angle, besides in the window of preview it all ok.
    when using one-handed weapon (Pistol, Shield) problem is not observed.
    Please correct back-items location.
    Thank you.

    normal Back item position

    weapon on

  • Regh.8649Regh.8649 Member ✭✭✭

    Grasping death Gauntlets dye channel bug
    On my norn I get 3 dye channels and on my Charr only 2 norn 3 channels - Charr 2 channels

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  • Headcase.4618Headcase.4618 Member ✭✭✭

    Item: Defiant Glass outfit
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Issue: When wearing the outfit, the skin below the head becomes a shade darker

  • marioxx.2319marioxx.2319 Member ✭✭
    edited April 1, 2019

    Item: Heavy Houndskin Mantle
    Race: Norn
    Gender: Male
    Issue: Broken black texture on the right arm near the wolfs head, stretching even more when moving.

  • Newteck.6403Newteck.6403 Member ✭✭
    edited April 7, 2019

    Item: Winged Armor Pants
    Race: Norn
    Gender: Female
    Class: Necromancer

    The low part of the dress doesn't seem right. It shouldn't be straigh up like this, it doesn't make sense. It's even worse with the animation when she runs. It should fall like real cloth in gravity.

  • Ototo.3214Ototo.3214 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 11, 2019

    Looks like someone already posted this but I'm going to post it again anyway to confirm. I think this is an issue with more than these backpieces but these are the one I've noticed it on.

    Item: Beetle Incubator backpiece
    Race: Charr
    Profession: All
    Gender: Male
    The backpiece does this really jarring thing where the bottom of it will...lift? off of the character's back when drawing a 2 handed weapon. I've only noticed it with the greatsword and could not replicate it with axe/warhorn on my necro. I don't currently have any other 2 handed weapons on this character to try it on, but I do have a Birthday Blaster which also replicates the problem when held. So to me, it appears that this backpiece starts semi floating off of the character's back when wielding a 2 handed weapon if the character is a Charr. It's particularly jarring because it will "snap" back to being flush with the back during certain animations or when stowing weapons, etc.
    How it normally looks:

    How it looks when holding 2 handed weapons:

    (also fun to note that the Birthday blaster clips straight through my character's arm too, didn't notice that til now.)

    Item: Legion Jetpack
    Race: Charr
    Profession: All
    Gender: Male
    This backpiece does the exact same thing as the Incubator and I got it to come up when wielding the flamethrower on my engi.
    How it normally looks:

    How it looks with 2 handed weapons:

  • Dondarrion.2748Dondarrion.2748 Member ✭✭✭

    Item: Casual Clothing Outfit
    Bug: dye channels
    Desc: this outfit comes with a separate dye colour for shirt and trousers when it is original colour, but it only has 3 dye channels and one of them controls both shirt and trousers together meaning you cannot differentiate the dyes. Could you please add a 4th dye channel to this outfit so you can dye the shirt and trousers in separate dyes?


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  • Syrus.2174Syrus.2174 Member ✭✭✭

    Item: Spearmarshal's Tassets (and Spearmarshal's Breastplate)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Class: Heavy Armor

    The Spearmarshal's Tassets create a significantly visible hole in the character model's back. Wearing the Spearmarshal's Breastplate magnifies the issue to some degree. The breastplate creates a very slight hole by itself, but the tassets cause one that is clearly visible. It is visible independently of chosen physique (etc.) it seems.
    There are also some clipping issues on the left leg when viewed from behind depending on how the character stands, as well as more visible clipping issues on the right leg when view from the front. (2600x1350, 2MB)

  • My Asura butt on display while changing outfits,
    when changing outfits or sometimes hide/unhide headwear on my NA account all clothing below waist disappears for a second or two, depending on what outfit sometimes footwear is gone or sometimes is on, only happening on my Asura Necro character, thought only i could see this but no, EVERYONE can see this :(

  • Item: Two-Handed Weapons (Staff/GS/Longbow Etc.)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Anytime I use my Cosmic Mining Tool on a node, Two-Handed weapons break loose from the back and go sideways. My Male Norn has no issues with this. This only happens on my Male Human toons.


  • marioxx.2319marioxx.2319 Member ✭✭
    edited May 13, 2019

    Item: Frostfang, legendary Axe.
    Gender:Male and female

    Description: Hello.
    So after some long time i was finally able to end the chase for my first legendary, and since im enjoying the game playing warrior with 2 axes i was greatly dissapointed how the ice shards and overall effects bug out while transmuting it to offhand weapon, cuts the texture in half.
    When you wear a glove the effects are basically invisible on offhand.

  • gateless gate.8406gateless gate.8406 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 16, 2019

    Item: Arah Dungeon Armor, heavy male set ("Grasping Dead")
    Race: Sylvari
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Herald

    "Belt" of white light appears around character's waist when armor is equipped.

    • Appears to be generated by or tied to the breastplate piece in particular.
    • Possibly related to Sylvari glow, as the "belt" is roughly the same color as my glow.
    • Only appears when Shaders are set to high. Does not appear with medium Shaders.
    • Does not appear on stat screen or main menu character select.

    Images of problem:

    "Belt" disappears in stat screen and main menu:

    "Belt" disappears when using medium Shaders:

    In the case that this helps, here are the glow choices for my Sylvari:

    I would really love for this to get tweaked, as I just crafted Sharur and am trying to make an Arah/Orr-themed character! Thank you for your time and attention <3

  • Fundor.2098Fundor.2098 Member ✭✭✭

    Item: Blossoming Mist Shard Walkers
    Race: Asura and human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Elementalist
    Description: There appears to be an undyeable bright red part, specific to the shoes. No other Blossoming Mists Shard light armor piece has it.

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  • Josa.5067Josa.5067 Member ✭✭
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    Item: Mist Shard Gambeson
    Race: Charr
    Gender: Male and Female
    Class: Any light class

    Shoulders clip through the vest during almost all animations. Happens on both shoulders.

  • Race: Asura
    Gender: Female
    Profession: All

    The colour of the hair bow in one of the female asura hairstyles seems to respond incorrectly. On the creation screen (and log-in screen) it shows the correct colour. In game, however, the colour shows up as a boggy green. This seems to happen with all brown colours used with this hairstyle.

  • Sottises.8034Sottises.8034 Member ✭✭

    macOS port, settings attached.
    Race: Charr
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Elementalist

    There appears to be a hole in the model's waist when using the Conjurer Chest and Student Leggings. Unknown if its a combination of these items or one or the other causing the disconnect in vertices.

  • Hikawa.1865Hikawa.1865 Member
    edited May 27, 2019

    Item: Blossoming Mist Shard Gloves
    Race: Human
    Profession: Elementalist
    Gender: Male

    Not sure if this is just on male human characters, but the armor dye for the Blossoming Mist Shard Gloves is a bit strange

    The metallic parts of the gloved armor also dyes the fabric that covers the hand. However, when dyeing the metallic parts of the other armor parts, this does not occur. However, I do believe I have a solution;
    1. Make the outline/trim of brown around the black cuffs of the gloves, and the metallic armor, the same dye channel.
    2. Make the fabric that covers the hand, its own dye channel. All you need is just a minor switch of which channel affects which armor part. Again, I am not sure this is intentional or not, but it frustrates my inner fashionista.

    Edit: I checked with the female light version, and these gloves look the way I also envisioned the male light armor version.

  • Rofl.6937Rofl.6937 Member ✭✭

    1. Other players cannot see the infusion sometimes.
    2. The infusions do not visually stack as they are supposed to after you move maps, enter an instance, or take off and re-equipt the ring.
    Unlike other Stacking infusions with different stats, Confetti will not visually stack in instances other than the one where you equip them.
    Below is a video demonstrating it.

    Confetti Infusion has four components:
    1. Confetti itself.
    2. A red swirling ribbon
    3. A white swirling ribbon
    4. A green swirling ribbon.
    Each subsequent confetti, as shown, is supposed to increase the amount of confetti, and add one of each ribbon, per infusion.
    Please let me know if you can or will fix this, I spent a lot of time farming for these infusions.

  • Jackson.9307Jackson.9307 Member ✭✭
    edited June 16, 2019

    Bug Issue:
    Hey guys! Female Norn Exclusive Face has a visual Bug.

    (1)Here's the face as is:

    (2)Here's when she talks/opens her mouth:

    (3)The face also seems to be positioned too low on the Y-axis in comparison to the preview as well as other character faces. This is especially visible when you observe the neck/chin area:
    Here's the issue:

    (4)Here's how it looks like in the preview (my other characters also have standard steepness at the anterior triangle of the neck):

    (5)This is the face that has the issue:

    I took off all clothes just to make sure if it's an issue with certain armors but the problem persists.
    I also suspect that perhaps this particular face has the root set too high (that's taking into assumption that the head is a separate mesh and object).

    Female Norn Exclusive Face has a visual mesh problem. The face seems to be placed too low on the Y-axis based on observation and the mouth is not rigged properly to the mouth of the given face. See (3) and (4).
    When character speaks, mouth does not open. Instead, upper lip moves upwards and the upper lip mesh stretches. See (2).

    Thank you for taking your time reading this. A game at this scale will have many bugs, and issues like these really aren't up there when it comes to priority if you compare to say, game mechanics bugs (at least imo). So I would just like to say thank you for what you guys are doing and for your hard work everyday.