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Symbol-Options for Commander / Sub-Groups

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Hey everyone,
During a public raid i tried portal plays and other fun things with the community squad, we normally play in closed guild raids. I often find myself in situations, where most of our Key-Players are given symbols, so ports/bubbles and other stuff is seen more easily and faster, but they are not structured cause you cant give the same symbol to multiple players. I know that this isnt a huge topic, but i really like the idea, to mark the important groups with same symbols. Like all Warri-bubbles have the same Symbol, all portals are marked and so on..
I know its hard to play stuff like that with public squads, but what else can you try when your outnumbered... atleast have some fun together...


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    It's kind of annoying when you want to mark specific roles in squad, but at the same time have certain enemy targeted for focus fire while also placing markers on the ground for better movement coordination. The whole battlefield becomes a huge cluster-f where you dont even know what color/marker has which role, or cant even see whats going on because of too many different markers on the screen.

    I'm not sure how easy/hard this would be to implement (maybe by creating a specific squad, 30-man even, which has this addition), but it would be a great addition.

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