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  • I'm having issues with textures disappearing. Especially in HoT maps. Like grass for example. =/

  • Found a "Textural/graphical issues with the environment" in Black Citadel. While standing in this place, most of the textures around disappear during the movement of the camera. Screenshots below.

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    In sandswept Isles again (yeah..) an invisible wall/floor/Object?

    Surely better on the second screen, I'm literally floating over the floor.

    Don't know if it was planned to look like that, but here is a terrible clipping between giant stone sides in Sandswept Isles, In the south of the western complex, behind this door also an empty room with another door (for nothing?) with some issues too.

    +++Sandswept Isles: Advisory K-4: Don't be misled; with some effort, a charr CAN fit inside an asura-sized Inquest uniform.

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  • Basenji art bug.

    Love the fact that you added new dogs and minies in the new map. I have owned Basenjis for many years. However, the tail is all wrong. Basenjis have a curly tail carried up over their back. Any chance you guys can fix this?

  • Hi! The issue is the changing texture on rocks and other environmental objects while moving the camera, as seen in the video. Happens everywhere in the Heart of the Mists (PvP Lobby), but I've noticed it elsewhere too, although rarely. Other graphic settings don't seem to change this. When asking map chat it appears not to be only a problem on my side. rgds

  • Following the 8/28/18 update/patch, I noticed the following issue. After entering any unranked PVP map (all of them I have been in), there is a layer order issue with the party/team UI. I see that on 8/28/18, a modification was made to the party UI for fractals, "Party UI in fractals will now show agony resistance instead of Mastery level," and I wonder if there were unintended/unexpected consequences. As you will see in the screenshots, the icon for the class is sometimes ON TOP of the character name. It does not seem consistent. The black background of the icon masks the first 1-2 letters of the character name. Visually, it looks to be a layer order issue. There is no problem with play given this observation, it's purely visual but it did not use to be this way so I wanted to point it out to you. Thank you as always!

    I have uploaded screenshots to Imgur. There are three that show the same behavior I describe:

  • Just discovered there is a missing balcony in the Rata Sum - Applied Development Lab (Home) instance, the 'hitbox' is there for mini pets and the instance pets. In the open world version (in Rata Sum) the balcony is there.

  • when i go to see point in Windy Cave in Lornar's Pass,i just fall on the road , then fall into the area of darkness , but can see that ceiling has roads is it a bug?

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    I found a map break in the new Djinn's Domnation sPvP map

    I also found a drowning boy underwater, hidden out of bounds lol

    pls don't ban me

    I only PvP so almost all my comments are in a PvP context.

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