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High Value Infusions & WvW

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Looking at the current tiers in WvW we’re in a situation where EBG keeps will not flip for days once they hit T3. Defensive siege is way to strong right now & very few people want to dedicate the time to cracking a fortified structure with masses of arrow carts, shield gens & tactivators defending.

Could we get some of the high value PvE infusions added to the keep lord’s loot tables? It could be a super low drop chance & maybe tie it to the upgrade level of the structure or the amount of time it’s been held.

Possibly each world’s garrison too because I wouldn’t want to create a situation where everyone only wants to play EBG more than it’s already the case.

I don’t think it would totally devalue the PvE meta events & having the keeps flipping more often would make the maps a lot more dynamic than everyone stuck in their third.


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    I agree. The Embroidered Belt Pouch is worth a couple of silver at best and papering those T3 keeps is a real pain.
    There should definitely be increased value in popping T3 stuff.

    Good idea.

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    @Drinks.2361 said:

    @Ubi.4136 said:
    What they actually mean: We are looking for quick, easy loot. Every time I see a tag say they only want fights, they avoid equal or larger groups, and anything that slows how fast they get drops.

    If we cared about loot & ninja-ing tower's we'd have been playing Silverwastes years ago

    So, what changed from the time you made this previous post up to this thread? I thought people weren't playing wvw for loot?
    I'm not saying I disagree, but people want loot plain and simple. I still don't understand why people in fractals get multiple ascended items per day and pvp'ers get their marks from the reward tracks, yet all we get is 1 ascended item every few months (if we're lucky) and have to make our grandmaster marks.
    There are even infusions in fractals that are worth several hundred gold (700 last I checked) yet we have nothing.

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    I care about having less T3 structures on the map, if a chance at better loot motivates people to crack them it's good with me. I just want to see players out fighting other players rather than turtle-ing up.

    make the enemy keeps be a place to go rather than a place to avoid

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    Q the usual shouts in map: 'let's take the t3' 'why don't we take the t3' 'bah comm u so fail u not attack t3', etc.

    We can play spot the loot k-trainers and watch while 305 of the map try some half- kitten attempt to take it then moan when they fail, having totally filed to use any sort of tactics at all.

    I agree thought, garrisons and the keeps in eb should be worth something more- but then the entire loot table and reward tracks for wvw need a make over, so maybe when they get around to it in 2019 they will look at it.

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    @Baldrick.8967 said:
    Q the usual shouts in map: 'let's take the t3' 'why don't we take the t3' 'bah comm u so fail u not attack t3', etc.

    I'm a bit nostalgic for the people asking for NWT so they can get their map completion, I don't think any of that is bad

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    Or just flip t3 smc the usual way: when the other server is in a dead timezone.

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    Maybe precursor drops improved instead of infusions.

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    You are forgetting something, this game is not Guild Wars 2, this game is: Siege Wars 2. People are so afraid to venture alone in WvW that they have to go take sentries and camps in groups of 2+. What makes you think that they will venture out of their towers and keeps? The fights keep coming at them while they sit comfortably on an AC shooting arrows without the risk of dying.

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  • I'm in favor of better rewards for Lords generally & especially for T3 Lords. I don't think they should be of game-changing value and they absolutely shouldn't be loot that can currently only be obtained elsewhere.

    The OP's concern is that well-fortified keeps are hard to take down. They propose offering certain specific drops to incentivize players to spend more time attacking.

    Let's start with the proposal: it has at least three major problems.

    • If the loot is good enough, then it encourages objective trading, which is not helpful to the game mode.
    • If the loot isn't that good, it won't motivate anyone to spend an extra hour trying to get to the lord.
    • Using existing drops dilutes the value of those drops as rewards for their original purpose.

    I'd suggest a tiny drop rate of WvW infusions over cosmetic ones or even a tiny chance of some skirmish tickets or some sort of WXP booster.

    Then, let's look at the stated problem. Shouldn't well-defended, well-fortified keeps be hard to take down? Why spend all the time trying to take them down, when you can keep a portion of the squad outside to threaten the keep and a subsquad or two can take everything else on the map?

    (This of course presumes balanced match ups, when there are never enough people to completely defend all objectives against a similarly-sized opponent. This, unfortunately, isn't the case now at certain times of day. But that's a separate issue from the one the OP stated.)

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    Idk about loot, but it could also just be that attempting to fight for t3 keeps with two balanced forces is ultimately a waste of time that many end up avoiding anyway.
    Whereby loot won't be motivation enough.
    Not saying the the defensive additions were ever really balanced...

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