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  • All these pretty screenshots... I want a better computer. :cry:

  • Ixxirr.1689Ixxirr.1689 Member
    edited October 13, 2017

    My Guardian got stuck in the level-up pose so I figured I'd make use of it.

  • @Celldrax.2849 said:

    @AegisRunestone.8672 said:
    All these pretty screenshots... I want a better computer. :cry:

    I know that feel. I take all these screecaps with single digit fps, lol.

    Basically, for just single character poses, I put my settings at max, take the screenshots I need, go back to potato settings. :(

  • Alpha.1786Alpha.1786 Member
    edited October 14, 2017

    My necro in the Guildhall.

  • "Anything spotted, Dawn?" :)

  • DietPepsi.4371DietPepsi.4371 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 18, 2017

    Got another dump, this time with that shader Anhellbro uses. Tried staying within the 4.00MB limit.
    Pictures taken in and around the Crystal Oasis. Mostly night combat photography, with some Scenery thrown in.

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  • Here's Cynthia, just relaxing and looking lovely:

    I enjoy playing this gimmick elementalist. :)

    @RandomWolf.3986 said:
    My Tempest, Evanarys:

    Holy kitten, she looks awesome!

  • Here's some screenshots I've always been proud of taking:

    Thrones of Fire and Ice

    Had a glider bug in early hot, before glider skins galore. Had fun doing emotes:

    kitten your Eyes!

    Other images I like, but aren't "good enough" imho:
    Moto's too cruel to sylvari.
    Nanananana BATCHARR
    Hail Mordremoth! Alternate where I got Mordy facing, but eye glow wasn't so pronounced - I want to go back and get both a good eye effect shot and Mordy facing the camera without the two allies in the shot.

    All these squares make a circle.
    All these squares make a circle.
    All these squares make a circle.

  • Amazing screenshots!

  • Here's to a Mad King.

    A Kodan Versus a giant flaming pumpkin equipped with sword and shield

    Behold, a flying wonderful woman

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  • dusanyu.4057dusanyu.4057 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 23, 2017

    my spell breaker having a moment at snaff's grave ot is a shame that more recognition of this location and what it represents was not written in for Asura players

  • I LOVE this shot. XD You can't even understand them even though they are a scout.

  • my mesmer is the red and white one :D

  • MadBomber.3719MadBomber.3719 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2, 2017

    my guardian

  • Jilly Beene ontop of DR waiting for Sunrise to arrive

  • @Snagglepuss.1278 said:
    Jilly Beene ontop of DR waiting for Sunrise to arrive

    LOL, i have met Jilly, the most Tiniest/friendliest/annoying/try to steal your cat mini/ toon you will meet in GW2.

  • Jwake.7013Jwake.7013 Member ✭✭✭

    Always enjoyed looking up at the sky and seeing how beautiful it is in so many places in this game. Here's a few I've taken over the last few months...

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  • @Jwake.7013 said:
    Always enjoyed looking up at the sky and seeing how beautiful it is in so many places in this game. Here's a few I've taken over the last few months...

    I like these! They're beautiful! :D

  • Some old and new screens I've taken of my Mesmer. :3

  • Phil.7369Phil.7369 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 21, 2017

    Because Anet staff does not reply to pms (which I find rather questionable), I have the opportunity to voice my idea here instead. This is basically an idea taken from another MMO which I used to play months ago and it had some great forum features! Yes this post is all about forums and it's mostly directed to the Community Manager.

    Anyway, apart from a much wider choice of avatars this other forum which I'm talking about also has a cool thing like little "titles" which the Community Manager himself (he is a man there) occasionaly (rarely) gives to specific players when they achieved something significant or when they generally did something innovating or impressive. There is for example a player there with the title "Fashion Guru" and another one with "Build Constructionist". Another player who managed to solo the X raid was handed the title "#bossname Slayer".
    So now you might think "Who needs lame titles and more avatars, this game is so great that I rarely bother with the forums, I play instead".
    Yes good for you and GW2 is indeed a great game, but little things like that add to the community and make the forum reading more interesting. A forumer will remember the famous "F Player" who posted this awesome collection of images which looked really cool and made said forumer want to hunt down these clothes/weapons/minis.
    Or the "B Player" who posted these amazing builds for open world PVE and inspired tons of new players to invest more time in GW2 to farm down said gear.
    This all have been so far done via Youtube from a few famous theorycrafters. I seriously can't remember reading or hearing about XYZ link in the forums for a great build or guide. At least you could adress and showcase your famous Youtubers for a change, that's a first step.

    And btw Fashion Wars is a thing in this MMO as you very well know... it's no coincidence I'm writing all this here in this thread. This could still be such a huge mega-thread with millions of views (over the years), but you need to make some changes. Starting with the word "OFFICIAL", which means supported and advertised by Anet staff. You know something like "Official Fashion & Roleplaying Thread".
    Second make named thread "sticky". Always on the top, always there (and first to see) for new players who can enter, witness incredible screenshots, see a ton of cool looking weapons/armor etc. and get yourself a new player.
    Third, write on the same said thread a detailed description of how to upload images as instant-displayed-images (not sure how else to say this) and not as links to

    Anyway Anet you really need to start working on your community-related topics imo, advertise some "hot" posts, show off some cool submitted screenshots, show us some fan made videos. Here we don't even have Post/Screenshot of the Month... this other MMO I was talking about (it's called DDO, it's dying but has an awesome forum and a super active Community Manager) also has a thing called "DDO Chronicle" where they show (weekly) the best of their fan-made vids, pics or some trending forum posts along with Official News and Store Sales. Even end-game raiding guides make it in there and I myself wrote one over there regarding raid compositions and it was advertised in the Chronicle.

    "Official Fashion Thread" :D
    this could be such a huge thing... in this game frequently called Fashion Wars 2, imagine that... scrolling down endless pages filled with screenshots and cosplays. Especially if you added a winner of the month, who'd be gifted with X amount of Gems that'd be so cool. And yes they do that over there at DDO by the way, they just do it with cheesy sentences written by players, not screenshots (hint" the graphics are not so awesome compared to GW2).

    Just saying Anet, you have a huge game, very popular with propably the best cosmetic system in MMOs and very nice graphics, but your forums are really bad to look at. Filled with PVP/WvW hate (I told them to play FPS or MOBAs if they want serious PVP) and the Reddit is much more active than here. Tbh I'm not even sure what is keeping our Community Manager so busy..?! Even your devs seem to be more active in Reddit and they have this awesome "Scroll by views" feature which... surprise! we don't have here.
    I have been told before that the GW2 official forums are not worth one's time and was advised to create a Reddit account instead. If this serious lack of interest in community events and happenings continues then I'm most certainly going to follow that advise. Weeks ago you started an awesome thread, showing us player-designed weapons which could make it into the game by Voting. People cheated, votes multiplied and we never got to see the rest (hundreds more) of the weapons. It looks like you don't care much anymore.
    I'm sorry, you've made a cosmetic-driven MMO with an incredibly healthy population and active community, filled with memes (in your Reddit) and yet you are not taking at all advantage of your community tools. This forum should have been BURSTING with images! We don't have power creep here, no one cares about your new Sword which gives +84374 Power or Stamina.. we have new looks here. But I can't see any of them because you don't give us a reason to show them.

    I hope you listen to this, this is feedback not ranting, this stuff helps and gives you views and profit. Gn

  • Xykris.6758Xykris.6758 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 10, 2018

    Exploring the world and enjoying my 2 favorite mounts :P

  • arenta.2953arenta.2953 Member ✭✭✭

    Making an asuran thief has not been easy for me. as i absolutely adore the attire of my Reaper (theme being she's blind, and instead sees through the eyes of the tiny undead dragon (the miniature) as well as any other minions she creates.

    so copying that theme for my thief hasn't been easy....partially as i dont have minions, and partially as they haven't had blindfolds (medium armor the only ones who lack that)

    but recently, i finally have a new headwear that works perfectly (subpar to the necro's headgear. but this does have a very nice feathertail? (feather + ponytail) on the back.

    plus...she's a sniper xD blind sniper with her spotter being an undead dragon. i like to imagine it resting on her shoulder and sticking its face in the scope to target correctly.

    don't worry, after the first 3 deaths by missed shots, she's picked up a pair of pistols. that way she can hit stuff easier..........collatural damage is still pretty high though.....rata sum wont let her walk around with firearms.....freaking pansies

  • I really like this spur of the moment painting of myself and a sylvari friend on a pirate ship on the Isle of Istan.

  • Just me on my mount looking at the stars :)

  • Dragonhunter

  • My dark angel charr warrior

  • Ashamir.9574Ashamir.9574 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 11, 2018

    Flying underneath Lake Doric. My most beautiful map break.

  • Deimos.4263Deimos.4263 Member ✭✭✭

    Help I'm trapped in a Lionado!

  • Bast.7253Bast.7253 Member ✭✭✭✭

    how do you post a picture like that though? I couldn't figure it out the other day

  • Gludipow.8362Gludipow.8362 Member ✭✭
    edited February 2, 2018

    My lovely Norn Ranger. Still only level 22, but I think she looks lovely. :)

    PS. Anyone either take a sceenie of my toon on FA and edit it for me, or teach me how to do it on kitten?