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Post patch , mesmer bug list

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edited February 7, 2018 in Mesmer

seems there is no dedicated post for this one .

keep it as

game mode : pve
related skill/trait :
related enemy type (if there is any specific bug )

since confusion damage is confusing a lot of people in pve now , i think its better it gets its own post for tested information and we really need anet to tell us whats their intention and maybe reasoning (its hard to tell but seems old condi mirage is dead in pvp too so confusion on mesmer is pretty much back to its old useless state )


  1. game mode : pve
    related skill : tide of time
    bug : it fails to hit the intended target while moving

  2. game mode : pve
    related skill/trait : Phantasmal Mage + Confounding Suggestions
    bug : image daze doesn't benefit from cs

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