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Role-specific Commander Icons

Kraag Deadsoul.2789Kraag Deadsoul.2789 Member
edited February 7, 2018 in WvW

With the pending dissolution of world servers, the potential exists for WvW to become chaotic with a plethora of commander tags running the maps. As allegiances to servers will no longer exist, it will become a free-for-all as guilds and alliances tag up all over the place. This suggestion seeks to alleviate some of the confusion by suggesting new icons for commander tags which visually communicate the role the commander seeks to fill. This isn't an exhaustive nor definitive list; rather just a brainstorming session to get the ball rolling:

  • A barrel icon indicating a commander who's primarily focused on capturing camps.
  • A winged Mercury foot for a commander leading a fast-moving roaming group.
  • Crossed swords for a havok squad seeking to engage enemy players in combat.
  • A yak icon for those players hunting down Dolyak caravans or otherwise disrupting supply lines.
  • A catapult icon signifying a commander who's focus is on long-term, sustained siege warfare.
  • A tower icon associated with commanders seeking to capture keeps and towers.
  • A shield icon for a squad who remains in friendly territory building and refreshing siege, repairing walls, and defending owned objectives.

The existing icon would remain and would likely continue to be associated with large-scale offensive zerging and karma training. Each of these icons would - as per the current icon - be available in the same array of colors. Selecting an icon doesn't force a commander into an associated role; that will be left to the player base to figure out on their own. At least there would be options available which - within the symbology of the icon itself - succinctly communicate that roles exist. Players could then - with a quick perusal of the map - find squads whose playstyle or goals match their own.

Lastly, as tempted as ArenaNet might be to monetize these new icons, I would suggest refraining. WvW is about to be thrown into disarray with the end of the servers. Throw us a bone and allow us to interject a little order into the coming chaos by just giving us the new icons without the hassle of a gem store purchase.


  • Ubi.4136Ubi.4136 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I would love it if they added this.

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  • Kovu.7560Kovu.7560 Member ✭✭✭✭

    We had a similar suggestion a couple of days ago, albeit a more broad/generalized suggestion not specifically for wvw.
    Though I think guilds within an alliance will work with each other to minimalize disarray, I'd be in favor of several different types of icons for various roles.
    Scouts on FA (we had those once) always used to run a red tag so that the person commanding the map knew where they were, but a lot of people still mistook them for another tag to follow.

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  • Baldrick.8967Baldrick.8967 Member ✭✭✭

    You don't need this, OP.

    And it just adds an unnecessary complexity that isn't needed. Does the comm have to switch every time he decides to flip a camp and grab supplies before heading to the next objective where they run into a battle?

    And unless everyone learns the new shapes/colours whatever and switches every time they do one of things on your list, it's just useless map clutter.

    I've yet to meet a commander who's groups is just focused on capping camps- that's the roamers/scouts job generally.

    The shield icon for defenders would be nice- if it then gave them some share of participation from the map whilst they scout and defend. (as soon as Anet works out how to prevent abuse of the feature).

  • @Baldrick.8967 said:
    it just adds an unnecessary complexity that isn't needed. Does the comm have to switch every time he decides to flip a camp and grab supplies before heading to the next objective where they run into a battle?

    I agree. ANet can't possibly design enough tags to fit everyone's preferred usage needs. Better for commanders to put up one of the existing tags and, well, command. Those who command often develop reputations. Those that swap goals a lot need to communicate that to their squad for best results.

    I'm in favor of ANet adding a few more icons, especially to allow guild emblems. But I don't think ANet should provide any context for them at all nor add additional (and arbitrary) requirements to acquiring them, other than currency.

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  • Baldrick.8967Baldrick.8967 Member ✭✭✭

    Adding your guild emblem to the tag would be a good idea as it will make it easier to see who is commanding where.

    It would also be useful for comm tags to display on the map overview, so you can see which maps have comms and where they are before queueing with a havoc squad.