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[Sea of Sorrows/WvW] PRX (The Professionals) Are Recruiting

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                                                                                                             PRX -The Professionals….since 1999

Online gaming’s most accomplished player vs player combat team - 19 Years strong.

Our hallmarks are professionalism, consistency of victory, experience, longevity and character.

With the recent lull in competitive, large-scale PvP game releases, we've decided to make a return to one of our fondest games in recent memory, Guild Wars 2. The first time around we earned a record of 72 wins and 4 losses. 55 wins were in Tier 1 and we never finished in 3rd place. We were a member of the most dominant alliance in GW2's history, The Titan Alliance, and went 30-0. PRX helped lead four servers in both the NA and EU brackets to world's best. We battled on the fields of Henge of Denravi to the Sea of Sorrows, across the Atlantic where we dethroned Vizunah Square then finally joining with a resurgent Jade Quarry to once again become world's best.

We began in August 1999 in Ultima Online and have competed in every major MMORPG, on the respective hardcore PvP servers, since that time. For a more detailed account of our accomplishments, see our Combat Statistics (http://www.prx-guild.com/combatstatistics) or our History (http://www.prx-guild.com/history).

We look forward to getting Sea of Sorrows to #1 once again. If you're interested in joining the fight apply on our website.



  • BMW.2951BMW.2951 Member ✭✭✭

    Man I remember you guys back in 2012-2013 when I played. I was on Blackgate in KnT and I have recently returned to the game myself. Always enjoyed playing you guys and enjoyed watching your YouTube videos with your insane teamwork. Looking forward to fighting you on the battlefield or someday becoming an alliance with you. Lmao

  • Feels good to be back!

  • We are intent on getting SoS back to #1 and need your help!

  • Bump bump.

  • We are going official again April 5th, 2018. Dates and times may change but be on the lookout for us in-game!

  • BMW.2951BMW.2951 Member ✭✭✭

    Would you consider taking me in the guild if I am not in your current server? With the upcoming alliance patch for wvw it will make it so you can play with anyone and I would love to be part of your alliance.

  • Khaos.6810Khaos.6810 Member ✭✭

    Checked out your website and I'm definitely interested in joining. Not yet level 80 but I'll apply once I get there!

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