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When will the server association change ?

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Hello, when is the server association supposed to change ? I got to change server but want to wait to see if my current server doesnt get associated with the server i want to join. Is there a set rotation ? How do i know if thats gonna change today, next week, never ?

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  • Voltekka.2375Voltekka.2375 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Server relink is at the last Friday of every even month.

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    The others answered the "when".

    There is not a rotation or any predictable system to it. ANet changes the links up in order to balance out populations. So if lots of people transfer to a linked server to be with the host server, then those two will likely be split up in the next link, since chances are they're becoming larger than the other links. etc.

    They never tell how they're going to link until right after the re-linking is done. To avoid people trying to game it. So you'll just have to wait until friday 23rd (more likely saturday 24th if they're a little late) and see.

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    And do yourself a favor: If you don't like the new link you get, don't rage transfer on Saturday, since that means you'll be stuck playing 13 days with no pips. Wait until a bit before reset on the following Friday. Speaking from experience here. =)


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    They don't announce who's being matched in the links until like 5 mins before reset happens at the earliest, and sometimes they need to be reminded to even post it....

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