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LWs2 Tracking the Master of Peace

I'm totally stuck here and nothing seems to advance this part of the story for me. Any ideas? The Wiki says I'm supposed to talk to Alana in the mine, but she doesn't say anything useful. I've already found and read a ton of papers... I hate this zone and I'm getting frustrated with this part of the story not advancing.


  • Have been to the higher area, just west of Prosperity Waypoint? (I don't remember the name) - there's a roughly triangular cliff slope, with a note near the "peak", then a jump over to a ledge where the next instance starts.

  • you should have a green star to mark the story. Make sure the story is active in the story journal. If things are stuck, you can always abandan a story by starting something else and restarting this one. You might loose some progress, but whatever was stuck should have been resolved.

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    Don't look at the wiki, look at your tracker. What does it say?
    IIRC the notes are just a trail of breadcrumbs that lead you to the final instance of that episode, which is near the Spurbend Canyon POI. ([&BHEHAAA=])
    Each note should have a green star, then you'll have a final one near that POI (you have to jump across the gap) that starts the final instance.

  • The tracker is useless. It keeps pointing me to something that isn't there.

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    @Auturgist.8256 said:
    The tracker is useless. It keeps pointing me to something that isn't there.

    Have you walked to that point?
    Because that's what you have to do at the end...
    Walk up to the start to start the instance.

  • Yeah, it's literally on nothing. There's no sparkly thing that allows me to enter the instance. It's just in the middle of nothing.

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    There should be a note that you find east of prosperity WP. There are many but you only need to read 3 specific ones to advance That is probably where the mark takes you. If you find the note you will get a mark to the next instance.

    BTW by holding alt you are able to see the names of intractable objects. It can help you find the note.

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