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[NA] Looking for guild

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I'm currently looking for a guild to join to get back into the game with. I have been playing wow for years now and have been into the hardcore raiding scene but with the current state of life being not to friendly to grinding day in a day out so im looking for something a little more laid back and casual friendly. I have experience in numerous mmo's as well. Also prefer something a lil more mature but i can handle about anything to an extent.

I'm going to have to relearn the game so will be a bit of a learning curve but im quick on my feet and doesnt take me long to catch on. I just finished playing wow and clearing first part of TOS on mythic diff but due to lack of interest from guildmates etc the guild fell apart and felt like it was time to take a break and move on and try out new things.

I'm looking for a a guild to call home, somewhere to raid and do dungeons with and enjoy every aspect of the game. Im willing to transfer and if at all possible hit me up soon as finding a guild is step on to even wanting to get my feet wet again.

Timezone's: don't necessarily matter as long as its est, central, pst.


  • Hi Rambojoe,

    If you meet our age requirement (over 30), I'd like to extend an invitation for you to join our guild, Just Us Grownups.

    We’re a small guild that’s built on the principle that older (30+), mature and well-mannered gamers don’t need an extensive amount of structure to play the game together. What really sets us apart is that we don’t have officers and it’s the membership itself that runs the guild and protects itself from drama.

    Here are the basics:
    We’re on the Jade Quarry server (NA) but since we’re PvE all North American servers are welcome.
    We’re a small guild that would like to remain small (for the sake of manageablity)
    We have a fairly equal balance of both male and female players
    We have a fully upgraded guild hall
    We have a Teamspeak 3 server and a comprehensive and active website
    We’re looking for members who are going to interact with the guild both game-wise and socially.
    If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, you can read more about us by visiting our site and reading
    Our Code of Conduct
    How the Guild is Run
    You can also view our recruitment post.

    If you’d like to join, we have a simple application to fill out.
    We look forward to hearing from you and whether it’s with us or another, we wish you best of luck in finding a guild!

    Just Us Grownups [JUGs]
    Contact: Neksis Syxx.6983 Archranis.2375

  • Synergy is a guild started by some friends with a goal to create a small community of friendly players. We aren’t interested in having 500 members where no one knows anyone else. We are currently playing Guild Wars 2 primarily on the Jade Quarry server.

    For Guild Wars 2, we participate both PvE and organized PvP in both WvWvW and structured PvP. Most of us have been gaming together since the days before Guild Wars 1 and continue to do so. Because of our long-standing community, you will find that it is an atmosphere where everyone knows each other and learns to play well as a well-oiled machine, hence the name Synergy.

    • Dedicated Raiding Team(s)
    • Focus on Living Story achievements
    • Chance to play with friendly players
    • Structured PvP teams
    • Active Discord
    • Strong leadership with two PvE officers and two PvP/WvW officers to back up our leader.
    • Scheduled events including Dungeons such as high-end fractals and the like.
    • Assistance with farming legendary items.
    • NA server
    • Our own guild podcast
    • Level 63 Guild Hall and rising.
    • Officer positions available for:

    PvE – with a focus on fractals/raids/dungeons
    WvW – need experienced commanders

    What we expect
    • 18 and up preferably
    • Have a working Mic and Discord preferred
    • Have a sense of humor but realize things may not always be PG13
    • Attributes of a team player with a good attitude.

    To join or if you have any questions feel free to PM or in-game mail myself or one of our officers listed below.

    Guild Leader and Recruitment Officers:

    • Aeromu.9134
    • Cookiezz.5261

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